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Queer Money™: Wining about Success

  September 14, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

We decided to shake Queer Money™ up a bit, bust out our wine and talk about one of our favorite topics, success. We love watching motivational videos and listening to motivational podcasts about success and the law of attraction. These topics motivate and inspire us to do more and be more ourselves.

The goal of Queer Money™ is to help the queer community do more and be more, so we share with our queer tribe what has worked for our lives and what we think will help others in our queer tribe with their lives.





Limiting Beliefs that Inhibit Success

A common theme that we’ve seen on Queer Money™ is the struggle with limiting beliefs of many in the queer community. Limiting beliefs are a struggle for the general population. However, queer people are often more prone to limiting beliefs to a higher degree because of “being different” during our adolescents.

We discuss the idea of limiting beliefs and how the queer community can overcome limiting beliefs.

Actions that Inspire Success

There’s a misconception that manifesting abundance comes by way of positive thinking, vision boards and meditating. Those are simply tools or matches to manifesting abundance. Action, however, is the spark to manifesting abundance.

We talk about what tools we use to act as our matches. We share how you can ignite the spark of action that creates abundance.


All of this leads to our goal, the success or successes we want to attract to our lives. We talk about how opportunities that lead to success often don’t look like opportunities and how you can prepare for an be aware of those opportunities. We talk about how you can use your spark to lead to your goals that will take you from a day dreamer to a dream achiever.

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .