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Why I Still Believe

  September 22, 2014  |    #Live Fabulously

Last week was momentous for us. We released our third eBook, #MoneyConscious Financial Planning Guide: 12 Steps to a Richer You. We were elated to have friends and family purchase our book and watched it debut in the top 10 on iTunes’ “Business & Personal Finance” chart. Thanks to all those who supported us.

As the glory of Monday faded, we watched our book slip from the top 10 to the top 40, then to the top 100 and finally out of the top 200 on the “Business & Personal Finance” chart. Much like the fleeting hit of a fading pop star, I wondered, “Is this it? Are we a small drop in a large pond?”

Putting The Law to Work

We are believers in the Law of Attraction. What we believe determines our reality, as long as our efforts are in harmony with our beliefs. Faith without works isn’t only for Christians. Therefore, when I questioned myself and wondered if what we have been doing is worth it, I shook my brain to reclaim my excitement.

The truth is that most thriving entrepreneurs, authors, sports stars, musicians and artists started small. They began with hopes and dreams of making it big. How did they achieve success? They believed in themselves and had other who believed in them, too. They knew there was more and they worked for it. So too will we.

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. What we put into the universe comes back to us. We followed this philosophy with #MoneyConscious Financial Planning Guide. We want to help thousands, if not millions, of people become #MoneyConscious. We want others to experience the liberation of being debt free and the rush of financial independence. We want to be bestselling authors. We put these thoughts and efforts into the universe. Now we must trust that the universe will do its part.

What if we hadn’t? I remember a while back when we returned from vacations several years in a row and said, “We must finish 4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life.” We said it, but never did it. We weren’t putting forth the required work to produce the desired result.

Things have changed.

It Is Time

Over the last twelve months, we have designed and started this blog and edited and prepped 4 for publication in December 2014. We have written countless blog posts and grown a following of nearly 2,000 on Twitter. We are building the base editors told us years ago we needed when we approached them about publishing 4. With great satisfaction, we can now say we are authors. We have three eBooks available on Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. We have sold nearly 100 books combined, and although we in the early stages of success we are on our way!

Staying Motivated

The hard part with any goal is maintaining motivation to achieve the goal. How do I maintain motivation? How do I remember that I am the designer of my success as an author, blogger and contributor to the financial well being of others? I have a three-prong strategy:

1. I am grateful – I focus on the great things about my life

I am healthy. I am happy. I am independent. I am content.

2. I am already successful – I focus on what I have already accomplished

I have held a number of great positions at various jobs in my life. I have a home that I love and is perfect for me. I have volunteered at a number of organizations I value. I have run two half marathons and am working on my third.  I have already helped others with my blog and eBooks. With all my success, why should I expect anything less than more success?

3. I know it’s possible – I look at all the accomplishments of those who have come before me

We are listed on iTunes, Amazon and Barnes & Noble amongst other successful personal finance leaders. We have many great mentors and there is plenty of room for our unique voice. I will be among that group of successful personal finance leaders.

Why do I still believe? I believe because I am doing. Unless I stop doing, I have no reason to believe that The Debt Free Guys™ won’t be as ubiquitous in the personal finance space as Dave Ramsey, David Back or Jean Chatzsky.

What are you attracting in your life?

4 responses to “Why I Still Believe

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize that you guys had 3 books to your names already, that’s amazing. I know exactly what you mean about needing to get from saying to doing. Doing is on the list for October, for me. Congratulations on the book launch, I am sure you can continue to push it. The more books you have, the better you will do at launching them and building a following.

    1. Thanks! We’ve been working diligently, so hopefully it will pay off. There’s a ton of people who need personal finance help. We just hope our voice resonates with some of them. Good luck in October and let us know how it goes. Thanks for reading and commenting.

  2. As someone that grew up in the 80’s, Journey’s "Don’t Stop Believin’ " played in my mind while I read through the post. Good stuff!

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