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Travel Hack Gay London and Save Big on The Old Smoke

  January 13, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Continuing our series on gay travel, we’ll tell you about our travels to London, England or, as we call it, gay London. We’ll also tell you about the travel tip that got us to Gay London in the first place.

Gay Ibiza by Way of Gay London

Friends of ours took their honeymoon in Spain. They traveled throughout the country and ended their honeymoon partying in Ibiza. As any good friends do, they asked good friends to join them in Ibiza to end their honeymoon with a several-day party. After not a lot of thought, we said, “Yes!”

To save money, we planned to use miles we accumulated with the credit cards we use to travel hack. When planning our itinerary, we learned in the fine print that our miles would get us from Denver to Ibiza and back to Denver, again, and let us make one other stop en route. Well, why not?! So, we chose London for no particular reason than neither of us had been there.

Gay London

Being in London feels like walking through a history book. Churches and cathedrals are thousands of years old. Castles are something we’d only seen in children’s books and movies. London explodes with culture, art, and history. Ironically, as we were on our way to Spain, we had the best Spanish food in London than anywhere we’ve been before or since.

London’s gay scene is bustling, too. The gayborhood’s heart and soul is the famous dance club, G-A-Y, on Old Compton Street. Gaying it up in Gay London, we danced and had drinks in a club we’d only heard of. Our timing was off by a week, though. The week after we were at G-A-Y Kylie Minogue made an appearance.

The rest of Old Compton Street and the surrounding area has several gay bars, restaurants, and shops. As Denver’s gay nucleus just started dying at this time, it was nice to see a gay nucleus somewhere.

History in London

Despite missing Kylie, I’m happy. Since seventh grade, I’ve been fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture. The London Historical Museum is home to some of ancient Egypt’s greatest relics. We spent hours learning about ancient Egypt and finally seeing relics we’d only before seen in history books and on the history channel.

We made one mistake that was outside our control. We went the month of XX. London goes on vacation the month of XX. While we benefited from fewer people when we were being tourists, there were fewer people when we went out to mix and mingle. We met great people, though.

A friend of mine from where I grew up lives in London and she gave us the speed-walking tour of the city. We rode The Eye, Walked the Millennium Bridge, saw Big Ben, British Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Prince Charles’ residence, the Tower of London, London Bridge and The Globe Theatre and walked through Trafalgar Square.

We made the most of our three days and soaked up the history and gay London as much as anyone could.

Money-Conscious Travel Tip

Our tip here is to learn the ins and outs of what’s available to you with your travel rewards cards and any other travel tools at your disposal. If we didn’t know the rules of the airlines that sponsored our credit cards, we wouldn’t have known that we could make a pit stop in London on our way to our final destination in Spain.

This saved on the cost of making a specially planned trip to Historical London and Gay London. Our travel hacking and travel envelope saved us money and made this trip possible. Try them yourself!

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