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5 Easy Steps to Train Yourself to Build Wealth

  May 11, 2021  |    #Make Money

How can you train yourself to build wealth?

Eighty-eight percent of millionaires didn’t inherit or win their wealth; they made it themselves! But how and can you? Yes, and here’s how.

Shift your mindset to train yourself to build wealth 

Here we share our top 5 tips for training your brain to make more money, describing how to create a new belief by focusing on what it will feel like to build the wealth you want. We explain how to use mantras to overcome limiting beliefs and why it’s crucial to surround yourself with other wealth-building people. Continue for insight on spending less than you make and learn how to create habits that will keep you focused on growing your wealth—even when you’re not working!


How to train your brain for wealth

1. Start believing that wealth for you is attainable

  • If others can achieve wealth from seemingly nothing, so can you.
  • Focus your thoughts on creating and having money, not necessarily on the things you can get from them.
  • Use daydreaming and law of attraction tactics to think about what it would be like, get very detailed.

2. Use money mantras

  • Engrain in your brain that you are creating real wealth and not just the appearance of wealth, for example of my phone.
  • Listen to Evolve Benton on episode #245 of the Queer Money® podcast. They talked about the power of affirmations and mantras.

3. Surround yourself with wealth-building (not rich looking) people

  • Start with books, YouTube, podcasts episode #253 of Queer Money® with Patricia Red Hawk.
  • Search for folks in your area that you can have conversations with you.
  • Trade some of the time you spend on social, with friends or watching TV for wealth-building thinking and conversations.
  • When you build a group of friends that are wealth builders, you naturally mix social/fun with conversations about creating financial independence.

4. Spend less than you make

  • Folks who spend all or all and more of their money are constantly reinforcing the lack in their lives and create a mentality of never enough.
  • When we spend less, save and start to invest, we start to see opportunities, even if that’s just $5 a week with platforms such as Acorns.
  • We give up the opportunities to become wealthy when we spend all our money. We don’t have anything left to allow the money to work for us while we’re sleeping.

5. Stay focused

  • Spend the time learning a skill and exercise that skill when and wherever you can.
  • Keep your skills up to date.
  • Don’t waste time.
  • Rich play hard, but only because they’ve worked hard to get the opportunity to play hard.
Rationality and emotional resilience work the same way. These are neural connections that can be strengthened. Whatever you are doing at any time, you are physically modifying your brain to become better at it. - Dr. Rob CampbellClick To Tweet


Resources to build wealth

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