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7 Thinking Errors That Sabotage Success

  August 27, 2019  |    #Eliminate Debt

How our thinking errors about money destroy us

Depressed about your money sitch? Got a bad relationship with money? These are the results of thinking errors. Learn which are affecting you and how to overcome them with a FREE copy of 7 Thinking Errors That Prevent Financial Success available here when you sign up for the Credit Card Pay Off Plan.

Your beliefs are your destiny

On today’s Queer Money®, we discuss the most common and sabotaging thoughts around money (as identified by our Queer Money Facebook Group) that make financial success harder, and in some cases, impossible to achieve. We share where these errors in thinking come from and they influence your results in life. We weigh in on the most common and most diabolical errors.

We discuss the errors that afflicted us the most and the one that’s most challenging for the LGBTQ community. Hear insights on the false belief that having more money will solve all your problems and get our top tips for identifying and overcoming the ones that are currently holding you back.

Hear about (and conquer) your thinking errors:

If you refuse to accept responsibility for your outcome, my question is; how are you liking your results? – John Schneider of Debt Free GuysClick To Tweet

Topics covered about thinking errors

The definition of thinking errors

  • Self-defeating, faulty beliefs
  • Don’t match with reality

How our belief systems inform our thinking

  • Thoughts—words—actions—habits—destiny
  • Beliefs become who we are, produce results

Where these errors come from

  • 90% of beliefs adopted by age seven
  • Adopt what others say as truth

1. I’m not responsible for my situation

  • Blame problems on others (e.g.: parents, government, boss)
  • Successful people take radical responsibility

2. I can wing it with my money

  • Fail to plan = plan to fail
  • Success hinges on preparation + opportunity

3. Having more money would solve all my problems

  • Did not pay off debt despite raises, bonuses
  • Examples of NFL players and lottery winners who go broke

Tips for overcoming thinking errors about money

  1. Identify the errors that affect you
  2. Look for someone who overcame a similar challenge
  3. Determine where you learned these errors
  4. Connect current results with possible errors
  5. Be conscious of how these errors come up in daily life

Resources to vanquish these money errors 

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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?