Think Enriched Podcast with Amy Robles & The Debt Free Guys

How to Think Enriched

We’re so excited to share with you our recent interview with Amy Robles of Think Enriched. Amy reached out to us in April to participate in a Personal Finance Gold Nuggets post she created for Financial Literacy Awareness Month. We, along with 19 other personal finance experts, shared our “best tips” to help others achieve, what we call, money consciousness. The piece proved to be a big success and very helpful for those who need it.

Later, Amy asked if we would let her interview us for her podcast. At the time, we weren’t aware that Amy had a podcast. So, we hopped online and downloaded some of her shows. We quickly fell in love fell in love with Amy’s Think Enriched Podcasts that you can access on her blog. As I’ve shared with her several times, Amy has a great radio voice. I want to listen to her in my car and home. Beyond that, Amy is amazingly genuine. She’s very interested in exploring her guests subject matter and, therefore, asks great questions to help her listeners get to know her guests.

Think Enriched Prediction

By now, we’ve listened to a dozen or more of Amy’s podcasts. Our predication is that Amy will go far. Not only does she have a voice for radio, she is genuine and a whole lot of fun. We love her quirky sense of humor and her big smile. We’ve certainly believe she’s found her niche and look forward to watching her future.

Click here to hear Amy Robles interview the Debt Free Guys. Let us know what you think by commenting below or let Amy know what you think by commenting at Think Enriched.

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