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How Teenpreneur Eva Baker Turned a Home School Project into a Thriving Business

  March 8, 2017  |    #Make Money

On this Queer Money™, we interview teenpreneur Eva Baker of Schools aren’t adequately teaching today’s students about money. Enter Eva Baker. Eva only recently lost her teenager-card, but is teaching teenagers and others too young to enter a bar about money. What started as a home-school project assigned by her mother, Eva has turned into a full-time job and a company with four employees.



Teenpreneur Eva Baker

When Eva heard Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover on CD, she learned about how many adults struggle with money. She vowed to avoid debt herself and to learn as much about money as she could. When she searched for blogs and books about money for teens she was disappointed to find nothing and teenpreneur Eva Baker was born.

This is when Eva decided the senior project assigned by her mother would be to create a business that teaches teens about money. Eva’s theory was that if she would proactively teach teens about money, they wouldn’t need debt repayment plans, debt consolidation companies, and other services designed for those looking to repair their credit.

Teenpreneur Eva Baker has turned this project into a profitable online business complete with a blog, ebook, and now a thriving public speaking business. She is now using her knowledge as preventative education for other young people, including LGBT and underserved children. In several occasions, Eva has partnered with Jasmyn, Jacksonville Area Sexuality Minority Youth Network in Florida.

Eva shares some of the lessons she uses when she speaks to groups big and small. She discusses the need to break down limiting money beliefs and says that striving for “perfection can cause us to not take action” in life. She underscores that it’s okay to make mistakes and, in fact, those mistakes can often help us become better and wiser.

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