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Turn Your Someday Goals into Reality in 60 Days

  November 30, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

On today’s Queer Money™, we talk with motivational speaker, life and career coach, Megan Watt. Megan is the author of the prescriptive book Discover. Act. Engage., which helps people turn seemingly unachievable life goals, or Someday Goals, into reality. Megan is now turning her successful book into a docuseries to help even more people.

Someday Goals

Someday Goals are goals we say we want to accomplish but put in the future. Because we don’t make our Someday Goals specific and don’t assign a timeframe in which to achieve them, we often don’t achieve them. Too many Someday Goals never become reality.

To learn more about Megan and how to turn your Someday Goals into Reality.


Like U2, the Universe moves in mysterious ways. A few exercises in Megan’s book help people connect with others who can help them achieve Someday Goals. How we connected with Megan is an example of the power of connection.

Mutual colleagues and friends of ours, Adam Carroll and Stephen Christopher, introduced us to Megan. We arranged a call with Megan and Megan and the Debt Free Guys™ were instant best friends. Though we have different expertise, we have the same passion and drive to help people live better lives. Through the course of our talk, we discovered so many commonalities it was inspiring and we were inspired to work more together.

Now we’re each using our platforms to help the other and, ultimately, help more people through our individual messages. 

Watch Megan’s real-life example of the power of connecting with others.

Someday Goals Become Today’s Reality

Through her public speaking, book and docuseries, Megan’s reality is helping as many people achieve their goals.

Megan walks the walk! Megan shares the catalyst that helped her go from leaving a failed start-up to creating Dream Catalyst Labs, her company that’s helping her achieve her dreams by helping others achieve their dreams. She also shares how she and her wife chose to take a risk without being risky.

Do forget to get your copy of Discover. Act. Engage.

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4 responses to “Turn Your Someday Goals into Reality in 60 Days

  1. I love listening to your podcasts! I can personally say that I have a ton of someday goals and listening to your podcast has made me want to make these goals come true!

    1. Thank you so much for listening. It’s a labor of love and we are glad that it is connecting with some listeners. 🙂 Megan’s book is awesome. It’s super simple to walk through and actually start making things happen.

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