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6 Simple Tips to Write Your Best Self-Assessment

  October 2, 2018  |    #Make Money

Slaying your self-assessment

Interested in getting a promotion at work or a hefty raise? Your best bet is to sell yourself by way of an exceptional, well-written self-assessment.

Increase your net-worth with a killer self-assessment

How do you prove that you reached your performance goals? What is the best verbiage to use? How much should you write?

Today on Queer Money™, we’re sharing our top tips for writing a persuasive self-assessment. We explain how to use last year’s review to set goals and document your progress with quantifiable data. We discuss the value in a Dragnet-style approach to the performance review, providing specific, detailed information that demonstrates your value-add to the company. Finally, we offer resources to help you choose effective verbiage and check your grammar, punctuation and spelling. Listen in for insight around collecting appropriate information and testimonials throughout the year—and learn how to leverage your self-assessment to win the raise or promotion you deserve!

Hear our suggestions for writing the best self-assessment:

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Topics covered on self-assessments

1. Start with last year’s review

  • This can be the beginning source of your goals
  • Allows you to document progress with data

2. Be specific and detailed

  • Go Dragnet style and just cover the facts
  • Demonstrate that you have added value over the past 12 months

3. Prove that you helped the company move forward

  • Share quantifiable evidence of value you provide, give them real numbers
  • State your value in a ‘I did A which resulted in B’ manner

4. Be real

  • Sell yourself with a little excitement
  • Never admit mistakes

5. Be proper

  • Grammar, punctuation and spelling are very important
  • Use, and Grammarly

6. Prepare all year long

  • Create email and/or desktop folders that allow you to archive kudos
  • Save any accolades and related info, especially from peers, managers and higher level

Resources for your next self-assessment


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