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What You Should Know about Regulation Crowdfunding

  August 30, 2022  |    #Make Money

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Is regulation crowdfunding worth it?

Ever wish you could ‘get in early’ on an investment? Now you can through regulation crowdfunding. Hear more on this Queer Money® and then kick off your financial independence journey by getting your free copy of the 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher.

Why’s regulation crowdfunding ideal for some companies?

Ever wish you could have been an early investor in successful companies like Misterb&b, Meow Wolf or Zenefits?  Or maybe you see potential in a startup and wish you could help, but you’re not a venture capitalist or ‘qualified investor.’ If so, you’re a good candidate for crowd-sourced investing or regulation crowdfunding.  

Read Ezell serves as Southeast Growth Lead for Wefunder, a regulation crowdfunding platform that helps entrepreneurs fund their ideas and allows anyone to be an angel investor. 

Brandon Deroche is the Founder and CEO of Propeller, a company that partners with musicians and influencers to inspire activism and help build movements for change. And he happens to be using Wefunder to raise capital for his business. 

On this episode of Queer Money®, Read and Brandon join us to discuss what differentiates regulation crowdfunding from venture capital and describe how Wefunder makes it easy to raise money for a business or invest in companies you believe in. Brandon shares his experience working with Wefunder, explaining how he plans to use the money and why you might consider investing in Propeller. Listen in to understand why crowdfunding is ideal for companies that lead with their identity, allowing them to engage their community, customers and anyone else who wants to see them succeed!

Listen here to find out the biggest difference between crowdfunding and traditional fundraising :

Topics covered on regulation crowdfunding

  • How Propeller incentivizes fans of musicians and celebrities to take action for causes they care about 
  • How Wefunder helps entrepreneurs raise capital and allows anyone to be an angel investor 
  • What differentiates regulation crowdfunding from venture capital 
  • How Wefunder makes it as easy as possible to raise money or invest in companies you believe in 
  • The biggest difference between regulation crowdfunding and traditional fundraising 
  • Brandon’s experience working with Wefunder and how he plans to use the money Propeller raises 
  • Why Brandon chose to make Propeller a public benefit corporation rather than a nonprofit 
  • How Wefunder has evolved since regulation crowdfunding was legalized in 2016 
  • Why crowdfunding is ideal for companies that lead with their identity and has engaged communities 
  • Read’s insight into how the Wefunder platform works for investors  
  • Why you might consider investing in the Propeller raise on Wefunder 
  • How Propeller connects artists and influencers with causes they’re passionate about 
“There's a lot of people out there who probably have great ideas and the ability to execute that are underinvested in because of the way they look, the way they identify, where they live.” - Read EzellClick To Tweet

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