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Monday Money Minute: Redefine the Holidays

  November 30, 2015  |    #Live Fabulously

Redefine the Holidays

We’ve all seen the videos of holiday shoppers falling over themselves, their dignity and their respect for their fellow man as they grab items they’d otherwise pass by from store shelves and each other. Every year the talking heads complain about the commercialization of the holidays and the war on Christmas. Yet, every year is an opportunity to redefine the holidays to be what we want them to be. Instead, we get caught up in what we think everyone else wants the holidays to be or what we inaccurately remember them being as kids. This creates an internal conflict that manifests itself in overindulging, over scheduling, over spending and overeating.

Holidays Redefined

Think outside the box to redefine the holidays. Rather than spending hours shopping online or in overcrowded malls, rather than be too food-centric, try some of these alternative holiday activities:

  • Christmas morning marathon, rather than opening gifts
  • Yoga with friends, rather than a gift exchange
  • Visit a retirement center, rather than shop
  • Play board games, rather than make more cookies than would feed a continent
  • Help a food shelter feed those in need, rather than eat a twelve-course meal
  • Go to church or synagogue and contemplate the real meaning of Christmas and Hanukkah, rather than watch football
  • Write your own Christmas bedtime story rather than watch TV, though A Charlie Brown Christmas is a classic
  • Listen to a motivational podcast with the family to motivate everyone for next year (we recommend Build a Bigger Life, Think Enriched, Go Coach Fletch and Like a Mother)

Debt Free Guys™’ Holiday Survival Guide

We’re kicking off a three-part Monday Money Minute series to survive the holidays, a Debt Free Guys™’ Holiday survival guide. With these tools, you’ll start next year with an emotional and fiscal surplus rather than a fiscal and emotional deficit.

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