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The Queer Money Podcast is Moving

  June 12, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

Queer Money Podcast is moving to Libsyn

Yep, big news! We’re moving the Queer Money podcast to the Libsyn publishing platform. Here’s how this could affect you and what to do so you don’t miss an episode.

Listening to Queer Money on your favorite apps

If you’ve been listening to the Queer Money podcast on one of the traditional podcast listening apps such as Apple Podcast, Stitcher or PocketCast, thank you! Also, you’re in luck! Nothing’s changed for you.

You’ll still find us in the exact same place. So, keep listening and keep sharing the podcast with your friends and family. We love all your love and feedback.

If – and here’s the best part

if you listen to podcasts on Spotify, you can now find us where you listen to music and other podcasts. To subscribe, click the image below and start listening today.


Queer Money on Spotify


We’re excited to have the Queer Money podcast on a new home that opens us up to millions of more listeners.

Having Queer Money delivered by RSS feed

If you’ve been catching Queer Money by using your favorite RSS feed tools such as Feedly, FeedReader or Feedburn, this is for you . . .

Before, you may have been using the Soundcloud RSS feed. That feed is now being redirected and may not update properly.

To update to the new RSS feed, follow these instructions to ensure you’re getting Queer Money in your RSS feed properly and without disruption:

  1. Open up the RSS feed tool you are currently using
  2. Remove the Soundcloud feed:
  3. Replace that feed with the following new feed:
  4. Save and close your RSS Feed tool

Queer Money RSS Update Instructions

Joining the Queer Money Community

If you like listening to the Queer Money podcast and want to join the community of others like you, join the Queer Money Facebook Group. Each week we share motivational memes, discuss money wins and challenges and share advice by and for people just like you.

Again, thank you for listening to the Queer Money podcast. Drop us a line and let us know how we’re doing and topics you’d like discussed.

Click the image below to share the Queer Money podcast on your favorite Pinterest board.

Queer Money is the only podcast by and for the LGBTQ community that focuses on our money needs. Whether your lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer, we discuss your financial needs along with stories of success, failure, overcoming and creating a financially strong queer community. #LGBTQIssues #LGBTBusiness #GayMen #Podcast

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