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Why ALL Queer People Need Life Insurance

  October 5, 2016  |    #Tools

On this Queer Money™, we talk about how today’s life insurance is not your father’s life insurance and why all queer people need it. We’re joined by Mark Sayre, Underwriting Product Manager for Haven Life, who gives us all we need to know to get the right life insurance. He, also, shares how his company is making great strides to serve their trans clients.



Life Insurance and Your Financial Plan

You’ve told us that most of you have never been approached by an advisor to help you create a holistic financial plan. Life insurance is part of a holistic financial plan. If you have any questions or comments after listening to or watching this queer money, please email or direct message us.

The insurance industry is changing with the changing demographic of the country. Even before marriage equality life insurance started to evolve to cover same-sex relationships.

Mark shares a number of reasons why all single people, single queer people and queer people in same-sex relationships need such insurance. Most of us only think of this benefit when we get married or have children, but it is a critical even for all of us and the earlier we get it the better.

Find out the most important question you should ask to decide what kind and how much life insurance you need and learn what you need to know about accelerated death benefits.

David discusses his findings why all parents and people, including guncles, who co-sign on personal loans for college student need the college student to get life insurance.

Life insurance can be used as donations to estates that funds charities and organizations you consider important. We discuss how to make that happen.

Mark shares a major way Haven Life is helping the trans community and, ultimately why we asked for a Haven Life representative to come on Queer Money™.

Thank you for joining us for another Queer Money™. If you have questions or comments after listening to or watching, please email or direct message us. If you have suggestions for future shows, please let us know.

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