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Without Purpose Driven Spending, You’ll Spend on Anything and Get Nothing

  April 19, 2017  |    #Eliminate Debt

The Purpose of Purpose Driven Spending

Purpose driven spending was one of our keys to getting back on track financially. In this week’s podcast we share with you a confession and a challenge. 

Sure, you may have a lot of stuff, but is it stuff you even want? Are you happy with what you have or does the happiness dissipate as soon as you get something?

Dr. Dimartini’s quote inspired today’s Queer Money™ on purpose driven spending, and we’ll paraphrase, “Fill your life with the important things because, if you don’t, it’ll automatically be filled with the unimportant things.” If you’re feeling unfulfilled, it may be that your life is full of the unimportant things and purpose driven spending will get you what you want.


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Ouch! We’re Not Spending Purposefully  

We’ve personally found ourselves slipping into a pattern of spending money on things that aren’t important to us but provide immediate and temporary satisfaction.

We’re not spending on credit. Our emergency savings account is fully funded. We’re on track to reach our retirement goals. We’re just not spending wisely day-to-day, and that’s affecting our shorter-term discretionary financial goals – or our spending that has a purpose.

Anyone who knows us knows we have no problem plunking down $20 for a bottle of wine. Heck, we sometimes do that three times a day!

We can afford this, to be sure, but we haven’t installed the hardwood floors we want. We painted our concrete floors eight years ago as a temporary fix until we saved the money for hardwood floors. But, we’ve never gotten around to saving for those damn floors and our concrete floor is one of the things in our lives that could be more awesome if we spent purposefully.

Spend with a Purpose

We know we’re not alone. We had a frequent listener of Queer Money™ recently email us. He said he and his wife make good money, but they always feel like they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

As David often says, “If you can’t enjoy the big things in life, enjoy the small things. But, if you enjoy the small things too much, you’ll never enjoy the big things.”

On this Queer Money™, we share the strategy we’re implementing for our purpose driven spending rather than our current unconscious spending. Join us on our purpose driven journey.

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.