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Have the Heart to Protect Your Family Financially

  February 15, 2017  |    #Eliminate Debt

On today’s Queer Money™, we sorta celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique kinda way. We’re joined by Dr. Jennelle to talk about love and money and how if you’re in love you should talk about money to protect your family financially.

Dr. Jennelle is a Ph.D. Psychologist and Relationship Advisor. She specializes in non-traditional relationships, specifically those who transition from straight marriages to same-sex marriages because, well, that’s what she did. It’s like how we talk to queer people about money because, well, that’s who we are.



Protect Your Family Financially

A pattern that Dr. Jenelle sees is that individuals who go from one marriage to another often incorrectly assume that their new partner has the same financial beliefs and money management styles they do. We should take a lesson from our straight peers and have the money conversation sooner rather than later.

Because money is an uncomfortable topic for most, Dr. Jennelle has great advice. She suggests that you use money or relationship experts as scapegoats for bringing up the topic of money. For example, say to your partner, “Dr. Jennelle said on her podcast, Big Change of Heart, that couples should review each other’s credit reports before tying the knot.”

Dr. Jennelle didn’t actually say that. I made that up, but I’m sure Dr. Jennelle would agree. So, propose to your partner that you bare your all financially to each other and blame Dr. Jennelle or the Debt Free Guys™ to protect your family financially.

Love & Money Quizzes to Protect Your Family Financially

The Doc says that there are five love languages and that fewer people love gifts than the four other, less expensive love languages. To save money and disappointment, take the free Love Language Quiz here.

While you’re taking free quizzes, take Payoff’s Financial Personality Quiz with your partner. This will show how you each think about money and start your conversation on how to work together to protect your family financially whether straight or queer.

Join Dr. Jennelle

On Tuesday, February 21, 2017, at 8 pm ET, join Dr. Jennelle as she hosts her Art of Arguing workshop. If you’ve ever had a disagreement or an argument with anyone in your family (who hasn’t!?), whether you’re married to them or not, don’t miss this great workshop!

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