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What to Know about Postnuptial Agreements If You Forgot Your Prenuptial Agreement

  November 28, 2017  |    #Live Fabulously

Postnuptial agreements for those without prenups

Before ‘I do,’ have an honest conversation with your partner about money, children and prenuptial agreements should your relationship end. If ‘I do’ is already ‘I did,’ here’s what you should know about postnuptial agreements.

Pre and postnuptial agreements & divorce with Jennie Wray

Jennie Wray is a partner with Denver’s Harris Law. One of the firm’s most accomplished attorneys, Jennie has been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star for five years running. She was also nominated for Denver Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40 in 2016 and 2017. A graduate of Vermont Law School, Jennie gained valuable insight into family law and court proceedings externing for New Jersey’s Presiding Judge in the Civil Division and the Hudson County Superior Court, Family Division. She has been with The Harris Law Firm since October of 2008, providing legal representation to clients in the dissolution of marriage and the allocation of parental responsibilities.

Jennie shares important information about setting up a marital agreement (prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements and divorces) to protect both partners as well as any children from previous relationships. She explains the traditional provisions of these marital agreements, the concept of ‘marital property,’ and how the court views debt amassed before and during a marriage.


Learn how postnuptial agreements may be your plan B if you missed your plan A:

Topics covered on pre and postnuptial agreements

Jennie’s advice about what to consider before you say ‘I do’

  • Sit down and have a conversation
  • Protect yourself, any children
  • Minimize risk with a marital, premarital agreement

The difference between a prenuptial and postnuptial agreements

  • The premarital agreement starts from the date of marriage
  • Postnuptial agreements the same as date signed
  • Making changes to marital agreements

The traditional provisions of pre and postnuptial agreements

  • What to do with property, businesses
  • Support provisions (i.e.: alimony)
  • Define roles around disability, death

What you cannot delineate in pre and postnuptial agreements

  • Visitation, child support
  • Remedies for domestic violence
  • Anything against public policy

How the court defines investment appreciation

  • Considered marital property, even if the property itself separate
  • Appreciation of business works the same

How the court defines depreciation and debt

  • Depends on when acquired, the nature of the debt
  • Credit cards can be argued as separate
  • Student loan debt considered marital if went to mortgage, food, etc.
  • Debt acquired during the marriage belongs to both

Jennie’s advice about protecting children from previous relationships

  • Work with family lawyer and estate planning attorney

The need for each partner to access independent legal counsel

The importance of adequate financial disclosure

  • Accounts, property, income
  • Personal debt, credit cards
  • Retirement/estate plans, investments

How to start a conversation about money with your partner

Where to go for affordable legal counsel

Connect with Jennie

Resources for pre and postnuptial agreements


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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?