6 Tactics to Save on a Personal Coach

A Personal Coach is a Must

It’s the “New Year, New You” season and having a personal coach is all the rage. Rightfully so. Usain Bolt has a coach and he’s the fastest man on earth. Payton Manning had a coach and was one of the best football players in the history of the sport. Personal coaches can be expensive, though.  They can be a barrier to paying off your debt. There is definite value in finding the right personal coach for you. What if your budget can’t swing one? Here are six tactics to use when a personal coach is not in your financial cards.

With both of us holding down full-time jobs, getting Debt Free Guys up and running and still maintaining some semblance of a social life, we’re spread thin. Of course, everyone has their challenges. Yours may be similar. You may have to manage children or take care of other family members or friends. Your day job may be more demanding than ours.

Whatever the case, many of us can benefit from personal coaches. For us, so much of our money is used to invest and invest back into The Debt Free Guys. So, we’ve cobbled together our personal coach hybrid until we can squeeze the dollars out of our budget. Below are some of the tools we’re using.

Great Personal Coach Alternative Tools


YouTube is full of inspirational and motivational videos. Rather than listening to music in the background when we’re working or driving, we often have motivational videos playing. Whether we’re paying full or partial attention, we always get something out of it and it keeps us on the positive side. Below are a few of the channels we watch.


Podcasts are a great alternative to YouTube and offer unique interviews customized for the podcast platform of amazing people. In addition to background noise when we’re working or driving, we’ll listen to podcasts while we’re working out. These podcasts often challenge us to a new way of thinking, a lot of which we apply to our personal and professional lives. Below are some of our favorites.

Listen to us on Build a Bigger Life here and So Money here.


Apps are a great resource for alternative personal coach solutions. They get as close to customized as one can get. Our phones are with us 24/7. With this and the right level of engagement, some of these apps are as good as a human.


In our hearts, nothing beats the books. We mostly do our reading in bed just before lights out. This is a great way to unwind and disconnect. This helps us fall asleep faster and sleep better. Below are some of our recent favorites.

 Facebook Groups

Facebook doesn’t have to be just gossip and funny memes. Facebook groups offer all sorts of support. Whatever you need, you can find a Facebook group for it. Below are some of our current favorites.

 LinkedIn Groups

Similar to Facebook, but on a more professional level, are LinkedIn Groups. LinkedIn groups are especially good if you’re looking for career guidance or networking. LinkedIn is more than a digital resume.

These are the tools we’re using to keep our personal and professional goals on track. This isn’t the customized solution a human coach might provide, but it works for us because of our limited time. If you have limited time or limited resources, consider these alternatives.

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  • Michelle 20 / 01 / 2016 Reply

    You guys freak me out sometimes! I have been looking for a business coach and until I was quoted a $3000 fee thought that it might be in my budget. Instead, I will use some of your suggestions until I can find an affordable coach in Denver. Great tips. And, yes, Peyton had a coach until this year. Ahem.

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