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Monday Money Minute: The Two Most Powerful Words

  November 9, 2015  |    #Tools

Powerful Words

Do you want success? This week’s Monday Money Minute is about the two most powerful words to create success.

Think about everything this amazing world offers. There are so many opportunities to have, create, build and get anything we want. There is so much we can be and do.

“I Want” Are Not the Two Most Powerful Words

100 percent of people have a want. Every person alive, everyday desires something. “I want” is where dreams start. “I want” doesn’t always lead to action, so “I” and “want” are not the two most powerful words.

“I Can” Are Not the Two Most Powerful Words

There’s a lot of mediocrity. Mediocre people are the 50 percent who evolve from “I want” to “I can.” “I can” is where dreams become beliefs. These people see themselves being successful, but often fail to take action. “I” and “can” are not the two most powerful words.

What are the two most powerful words? What must we constantly repeat to ourselves to become successful?

Breaking From the 95 Percent

These two words took Michael Jordan from being just a basketball player to being the best basketball player. These two words made Steve Jobs a tech icon and earned him the admiration of billions of people around the world. These two words made Warren Buffet the most successful investor ever.

To want is good because it sparks motivation. To believe is better because it internalizes the desire, but it’s not until we add intention with “I will” can a want become reality.

“I Will” Are the Two Most Powerful Words

I will be a better spouse. I will be a better employee. I will get out of debt. I will get that promotion. I will start my own business. I will run a marathon. I will lose weight. I will make this a better world. I will succeed.

When we say, “I will,” we separate ourselves from 95 percent of the world and be a success.

Are you ready to say, “I will?” If you’re ready to say, “I will,” then you will! Start today.

Declare your intention with this Tweetable: “I am done with “I want” and “I can.” I’m changing my life today with “I WILL!”

Lastly, if you need a little help with empowering yourself to say “I will”, try standing like Wonder Woman for two minutes.

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