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20 Money Podcasts You’re Missing Out On

  September 12, 2016  |    #Tools

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Money podcasts you’ll love

Do you love money podcasts? Well, I do too! So, we created a list of great money podcasts to listen to now. Start paying off credit card debt today with the free  7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher here.

Money, money, money . . . podcasts to listen to starting today

To be honest, in less than a year I have consumed more than 400 podcast episodes. No, they are not all about money, but they relate to success, productivity and business in some manner. There are many days when I listen to three, four or even five episodes. Granted I am a personal finance geek/expert and keeping up with what’s happening in the world of money podcasts is good for me and my business, but they are also fun, entertaining and amazingly beneficial to just about every problem I could run into.

Below is a list of 14 podcasts that aren’t all about money, but money comes up in most episodes. We’ve said in the past that the key to becoming a better person is to surround ourselves with better people. Listening to money podcasts is one of the easiest ways to get a good dose of expert advice, stories of mistakes and interesting facts that will help improve your wallet and life.

Check out this awesome list of shows and let us know which are your favorites.

A small list of some of the best money podcasts

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money-mastermindThe Money Mastermind Show – Interesting takes on the money issues that impact us all. Learn how to manage your money, and listen to lively discussions from experts and special guests for a no holds barred look at the financial topics of the day.




financial-rockstarFinancial Rockstar – Scott Alan Turner’s show will help you get out of debt faster, save more money, and retire rich.  A former money-moron turned early-retiree, Scott now spends his time helping other people achieve financial freedom. The down-to-earth discussion about money is entertaining and inspiring whether you are earning your first dollar or are wondering where to stash a pile of cash.



afford-anythingAfford Anything – You can afford anything, but not everything and that applies to your money, time, focus, energy and attention. How can you create a better life and reach financial independence? Learn ideas from experts in the fields of finance, productivity and business when you listen to the Afford Anything podcast.



d-and-j-qm-cover-image-3-150x150Queer Money™ – Of course, you knew we would include our own show on this list. We cover everything from money to relationships to sex all with an eye to how it affects us in the LGBTQ community and our advocates. We help you do more and be more when it comes to spending and living our queer lives.




5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

side-hustleSide Hustle Nation Show – Put a little hustle in your earbuds as Nick Loper extracts actionable tips and business strategies from successful entrepreneurs. Each week you’ll get new business ideas, side hustle opportunities, and high-value content to help you earn more money and make the most of your time.



biggerpockets-podcast-coverBiggerPockets – “The BiggerPockets Podcast is the #1 most popular real estate podcast on earth. Each week, hosts Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner sit down with real-life real estate investors and business thought leaders to discuss both simple and advanced strategies for finding success through real estate investing. From flipping to rentals to wholesaling and more, The BiggerPockets Podcast is the go-to place for real estate interviews that will change your financial life forever.”



savings-angelSavings Angel – Save money. Earn money. Live Abundantly. TV personality and improv comedian Josh Elledge, Chief Executive Angel of tests lifehacks with his kids and interviews experts that will help you live a more abundant life! Listen for deals, freebies, coupons and other money-saving tools. Learn how to save money at the grocery store without extreme couponing. LOTS of coupons, videos, and free stuff at How to get groceries for half off at the supermarket. Also, learn travel saving, energy savings, holiday Black Friday Christmas shopping secrets, how to save money with your car, family savings with kids, how to be more productive, how to have less stress, lose weight, get fit, and get organized. You’ll also learn how personal development and personal finance skills can help you lead to a more abundant life.


stacking-benjaminsStacking Benjamins – The Stacking Benjamins show is an hour-long, magazine-style podcast with interesting guests, fun headlines about current events, and letters from listeners. Three days a week they crank up Joe’s Dad’s shortwave radio in the basement and send out a fresh episode. You might not learn anything, but that’s not the point of the show. As guests on this show, we had a blast with Joe talking about getting out of debt and living bigger, better lives.



money-for-the-restMoney For The Rest of Us – Money For the Rest of is a show about money, how it works and how to live without worrying about it. Through stories, analogies and easy-to-understand examples, the show gives individuals the tools and confidence they need to navigate an increasingly complex and unpredictable investing landscape.



adultingAdulting.TV – “We all need help learning to adult. Learn tools and strategies to make the most of life as a grownup.” Not just about money, and that’s partly what we like about We’ve been guests on this show and love the casual nature that Harlan and Miranda have in helping us all learn a bit more about how to make our everyday lives a bit better.



brown-ambitionBrown Ambition – This weekly podcast featuring NYC-based journalist Mandi Woodruff and financial educator Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche. The show focuses on career, business, building wealth and living in this brown skin.




financial-conversation-podcast-v3Financial Conversation – Financial Conversation is a podcast focused on bringing diverse groups of people together to break down the barriers of personal finance topics that are considered taboo. We believe money should be discussed freely to promote growth and financial literacy, and as such, cover a diverse range of topics, from relationships and budgeting to frugal travel, breaking out of poverty, self-employment and more. We always welcome other guests to join us and share their different perspectives on money.



well-kept-walletThe Well Kept Wallet – The Well Kept Wallet interviews successful people from all walks of life. The goal is to help you get from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your career, money, and lifestyle.




financial-symmetryFinancial Symmetry – We share unique stories and insights from the most asked questions we hear from our clients. Financial planning is often derailed by emotional decision-making. We discuss ways to establish guardrails to curb that behavior along with opportunities around tax savings, the best accounts to save in, college planning tips, retirement planning, and estate planning.



likeamother_itunes_artLike a Mother –  Like a Mother with Emma Johnson features celebrities, national experts, entrepreneurs, people with amazing stories, and call-in guests to discuss what smart moms really care about:  Career, money, business, parenting, feminism, dating, sex and relationships. U.S. News named Like a Mother to its “Top 15 Personal Finance Podcasts.” John was a guest on Emma’s show to discuss among other things, why gay men appear to be financially successful, but may be even more broke than you.

Guests include Arianna Huffington, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Free-Range Kids’ Lenore Skenazy, Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, bestselling feminist author Rebecca Traister, Mama Gena and others.

thrifty-little-momThe Thrifty Little Mom Podcast – This show aims to inspire and encourage women to make the most of what they have and find joy in everyday living. Join Kim and Rhonda for a weekly chat as they dive into family, parenting, saving money, budgeting, DIY projects, faith and all the topics that make our lives what they are! Your laundry day just got a little more entertaining.



values-investorsValues Investors Podcast – Not to be mistaken with Value Investing, this show focuses on providing information about Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) and ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Investments. SRI and ESG investing is an investment strategy seeking to maximize both financial return and social good. The SRIESG podcast was created to help make SRI easy for socially conscious investors who are concerned about how they invest and want to make change in our society through their investments.



words-and-moneyWords+Money – Words and Money is an educational platform for millennial women to learn all things about their personal finances. Through interviews with inspiring and accomplished women, we strive to consistently provide tangible and actionable advice (financial or otherwise) for our audience to immediately implement into their lives. It’s time we start having more casual and comforting conversations around money, and that’s what the podcast is all about.



personal-profitabilityPersonal Profitability – This podcast is all about earning more, spending thoughtfully, growing your wealth, and living a better life through mindful personal finance. This twice a month show features both expert interviews and stories and advice on how you can improve your finances and start earning big on the side.




do-you-even-hustleDo You Even Hustle Podcast – A podcast for hustlers done by hustlers. We interview some of the best hustlers around to see what makes them successful and what they do differently.




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