We’d love to believe that we’re your be-all, end-all for all things personal finance; alas, we don’t have bodies like Zach Efron or Channing Tatum, either. We’re realists. We know there are other rockstar personal finance and money experts. We even think some are a cut above the others, or they have a unique voice that we think you’ll like.

The Debt Free Guys Money Masters Series is a monthly look at the aforementioned awesomeness. Join us each month for a new Money Masters interview. The first week of each month is our Three-Questions Interview. The third(ish) week of the month is The Money Masters Blab Interview on Blab.IM, on which we’ll spend 15-20 minutes with our Money Masters, get to know them more and have lots of laughs.

As a couple who climbed out of $51,000 in credit card debt, we found that others could inspire and provide us with insightful tips, tricks and stories. Our hope is that our Money Masters do this for you. Remember who you love most, though!? 😉

Visit the Debt Free Guys’ Money Masters page monthly, as we share the people we stalk online. Catch more of our Money Masters, as we share their content on our Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. To view our upcoming Money Masters, visit The Debt Free Guys Event Calendar more than you call your Mom

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