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Money Masters: Unique Gifter

  July 15, 2014  |    #Eliminate Debt

static1.squarespaceAnne, at Unique Gifter, has been a great supporter of the Debt Free Guys™ from our beginning. Not only does she read and respond to a lot of our posts, but she read and did a review of our still pending book,4: The Four Principles of a Debt Free Life. We enjoy reading Anne’s blog because, although it’s not necessarily a personal finance blog, she has unique (no pun intended) and creative gift ideas, many of which are #moneyconscious.

Probably because Unique Gifter is appealing to the frugal minded, Anne is starting her own personal finance blog, Money Propeller. With her fun and informative style, we have no doubt her new blog will be a huge success.

Below is our interview of Anne.

What’s your story?

My name is Anne, and I have an addiction to personal finance stories. I finished school with two economics degrees, which is indicative of my addiction. After reading a lot of blogs quite regularly, I decided that I wanted to create a site of my own, but figured that my finances were pretty boring to write about. So instead, I started writing about gift ideas for adults, that’s how my site Unique Gifter was born. Apparently, it’s in my genetics that I love to buy things for people. I don’t really like receiving presents, though, it’s really weird. I always feel like someone else should get them instead.

static1.squarespaceBecause I like to give gifts so much, and am a fairly frugal person to start with, I end up writing about how to save money when it comes to gifts fairly frequently. There are all sorts of ways to make gifts personalized and creative, without having to break the bank. Now that I’m so into blogging, I’m thinking about starting a personal finance blog, too. I have some ideas now on how to keep it not-boring!  Look for to get up and running in the next few weeks. I have a bunch of ideas, but by the time I get home from my day job, I seem to be too tired to execute on them. I’m trying to kick it into high gear these days, here’s hoping I can pull off all of my goals!

Like John and David have done, I’m thinking of writing a book, too, just in case I didn’t have enough happening already! It will be on a completely different topic than all of the rest of my sites, too!
In the winter, I get up to a fair bit of skiing, both cross country and downhill. During the summer, I love to road bike and also do a bit of cross country biking. The picture I gave John to use for this post is from a biking trip that I did after I graduated from university, it was taken in northern Argentina. Northern Argentina is a great place to do some cycle touring, if you are ever interested!

What’s your point of view, as a personal finance blogger?

static1.squarespaceI’m a twenty-something Canadian girl who likes to travel and is lucky enough to have a decently good job with a healthy pay cheque. I get frustrated when people complain about “the man” but can’t or won’t connect the dots between “the man” and their own actions. Wages where I live are quite low, due to people wanting to live in my town and therefore there is a huge supply of extremely well qualified folks. When was the last time you saw a fast food restaurant mostly staffed by people with degrees? There’s lots of that where I live. These people know that there are many others who would also like their job and they would be easily replaced if they quit tomorrow, yet they complain about the low wages. That irks me.
When it comes to my writing, I tend to ramble a bit. I find it interesting to write, as I have never considered myself a writer, yet here I am, being paid to write! One thing that I love about the internet is there is so, so much out there. I can write about all sorts of things, all over the place, not just my own niche or my own geographic area. It’s also a great way to make friends, my “internet friends” as I refer to them.

In one sentence, what’s one piece of sage advice from your personal finance background that you’d like to share with our readers?

Have fun!

The dishes can wait, sure they might grow mold, but they’ll still just be dirty dishes. If you put your effort into having fun, which doesn’t have to cost anything or much at all, you can get your chores to beat Parkinson’s Law of “the task expands to fill the time” simply by limiting the time available for such unpleasantries. It will make you a happier and a more efficient person.

Be sure to visit Unique Gifter and Money Propeller regularly or add them to your RSS feed. We are certain you’ll be glad you did.

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