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Money Masters: Four Hour Work Day

  August 29, 2014  |    #Make Money

Tired of the 9-5, or more like 8-6 grind these days? Throw in 2 hrs of commute and you don’t really have any time to enjoy your life or the money you are making. Mr. Four Hour Work Day, or Mr. FHWD, as he refers to himself, writes his blog from this perspective. What did he do? How is he making a change in his life? What can we all learn from him as a money or even time master?

Below are Mr. 4HWD’s responses to our questions with a little about his take on personal finance. Enjoy!

What’s your story?

I started blogging about a year ago because I got tired of seeing people complain about their day job. I’ve worked in the corporate environment for 5 years now and I’ve discovered that people love to complain but very few ever do anything about it. I did something about it by starting a blog, and then another one and then a niche site. In addition to starting these online businesses, I also try to diversify my income through more traditional means like stocks, bonds and especially real estate.

What’s your point of view, as a personal finance blogger?

As a PF blogger, I try to write about creating multiple sources of income and balancing entrepreneurship with a day job. I am all about working my ass of right now and making sacrifices today so that I can work for myself later on in life. I think way too many people get comfortable working a day job and they will spend their whole life working for someone else. I think that’s fine to start a career but I would much rather be the boss than be bossed around my whole life.

In one sentence, what’s one piece of sage advice from your personal finance background that you’d like to share with our readers?

Nobody cares more about your money than you do.

About: Mr. 4HWD is a corporate guy by day and stealth blogger by night. Want to learn about generating more income, check him out. Want to see how he is working towards a 4 hour or less work day? Follow him; @FourHourWorkDay. Here’s a Money Master that can hopefully help us all make more and work a whole lot less. His site is

2 responses to “Money Masters: Four Hour Work Day

  1. I’m a software engineer mgr and I’ve been able to work from home for the last 2 years. I also work from home 🙂 I could never go back. Many people (including co-workers) ask how I was able to get that, and the answer is by being an excellent employee. If you’re a good employee, chances are your boss will want to keep you.
    Thank you for the multiple sources of income advice!

    1. Ah, very true! Making yourself a valuable employee is a great way to increase your employment flexibility. Glad it worked for you and glad you like the income advice. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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