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Monday Money Minute: Visualization

  August 3, 2015  |    #Live Fabulously

This week’s Monday Money Minute is the second in a two-part series on how to use contemplation and visualization to help you achieve your financial goals and dreams. This week we dive into how to make visualization work for you. Much of what we’ve achieved in life are moments or things we’ve contemplated and visualized. We’ve come to believe that this exercise helps us stay focused on what we truly want in life, thereby helping us achieve our goals. Once we contemplate and visualize what we want, we work for those goals. See more in the video below.

The Monday Money Minute is the Debt Free Guys™’ way of inspiring you on the toughest day of the week to stay true to your personal finance and life goals. Please let us know your thoughts, questions and comments. We would love to hear from you. And, who knows? Maybe you will be the inspiration for the next Monday Money Minute.

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4 responses to “Monday Money Minute: Visualization

  1. Garrett says he visualizes the day he puts in his notice at work. Ha! I visualize a beach in Montego Bay. :). We also use what I’ll call micro-visualizations or the little things we want to achieve, like weekly debt payments.

    1. John is just like Garrett. He will be the first one of us to be able to quit, so he talks about it all the time. You already know one of my current visualization goals. I have a few others. We both want to remodel our bathroom and get hard wood floors. Plus we agree with you travel is one of our primary goals and thus the reason we have delayed the condo a bit.

  2. We really enjoyed remodeling our house, which now has oak hardwood flooring. The floors were nice at first, better than carpet or vinyl, but they dent easily. I question whether or not it’s actually oak. If we had it to do again, we’d consider bamboo. 🙂

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