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Monday Money Minute: #TheRoad

  June 15, 2015  |    #Eliminate Debt

Monday Money Minute: #TheRoad

We love that you come back every week to watch the Monday Money Minute on to learn of the tips and tricks that we used in getting out of debt. The feedback has been hugely positive. As usual, we encourage you to be debt free, have fun and be #MoneyConcious.

Being Money Conscious doesn’t always come from reading posts, watching videos and slide online shows . We love a good one-on-one or group experience that motivate us to do more, save more and rethink what we are do to master our money. That is why we are excited to participate in the Road to Financial Wellness, a 30 city-30 day road trip  this June.

Our friend Jason of and his gang are traveling 10,000 miles across country helping you find unique and local ways to raise you financial awareness. In Denver, this will be Friday June 19th. Check out how we will participate and find out more about this road trip:

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