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Monday Money Minute: Use Our NSE (Not-So-Expensive) Tip to Be Debt Free

  June 8, 2015  |    #Tools

Living fabulously and not so expensively (NSE) 

One of our oldest tricks to paying off our $51,000 of credit card debt and staying debt free is living fabulously and not so expensively or NSE, as we call it.

Gay expectations

It’s been the cliché for song long it’s almost in our DNA – gay men are supposed to live fabulously. Sorry to burst everyone’s nitrous balloon, but we’re not all white, upwardly mobile gay couples living in modern homes and driving Audis and BMWs. Unfortunately, too many of us are trying to live up to those “gay expectations” – I see a Dickens-like novel in our future.

The second thing we realized after we first realized that we had too much debt to qualify as fabulous was that in too many ways we were living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Many of us can afford to splurge in certain areas of life, but most of us can’t afford to splurge in all areas of our lives – of course, not unless we’re a fictional Burbank-created family who lives in Cheviot Hills.

Watch what David has to say about living the fabulous NSE life.

Learning to live NSE

With everything in life, there’s a NSE alternative. These may not be alternatives you want to live with forever, but they’ll help you become debt free. Plus, the more ways you’re able to live NSE, the easier it’ll be to stay debt free.

We found NSE alternatives for watching TV, for drinking wine and to meet our annual gay-quota for travel. Even now that we’re debt free, we still exercise some of these not-so-expensive substitutes. Once we figured out what we most wanted, all we had to do was get a little creative and open-minded to pay off all our debt.

More tips for living NSE:

2 responses to “Monday Money Minute: Use Our NSE (Not-So-Expensive) Tip to Be Debt Free

  1. Great post! This is my first time visiting this site and I will be sure to scoure it some more!

    The NSE that I’m on right now is making sure to bring lunch or snacks from home (when I’m not working from home). This is an incredible money saver. But I don’t just apply it to lunch, I apply it to coffees and other treats (muffins, etc.) from shops when out and about. My motto is, “If I can make it at home, I’m not buying it at the store.” Of course we all like to go out for nice dinners every once in a while, but I’m talking about those daily coffee/croissant/muffin runs that eat away our cash in a heartbeat. Treats like that are so easy to make at home (in less than half an hour you could have a tray of delicious muffins baking in the oven) that I just can’t bring myself to buy them anymore. Not to mention the fact that if you make it at home you know precisely what’s gone into it.

    I like all forms of NSEs because they make you stop amid your rushed life and re-evaluate your choices for a moment, rather than always going for instant gratification.

    Thanks for the post!!

    1. Andrea, thank you for such an awesome comment. We are faltered by your kind words.

      You are exactly right about how those small things eat away at your budget. It is often those small things that we tend to think nothing of, but they add up quickly. Five or ten dollars here and there and bam, your budget is sunk. I was a nickle and dimer when I had my debt problems. Stopping for a bagel and coffee 3-4 times a week was costing me $100-150 a month, while the food sat in the fridge and rotted.

      So when are we invited over for muffins? 😉

      Have an awesome week and be #MoneyConscious!

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