Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?

Monday Money Minute: Conversation Challenge

  June 22, 2015  |    #Make Money

This week’s Monday Money Minute challenges you to talk with your friends, family and colleagues about money. After our exciting experience with #Phroogal’s Road to Financial Wellness last Friday night, we’re pumped about people’s interest in talking about money. We learned from talking with every day people, not in anyway connected to finance, that they want to have money discussions. This is a challenge for them and many of us because talking about money, especially personal finance, is taboo. That’s why we were inspired this week to challenge that challenge.

If you’re not already following #Phroogal around the country, please do so at #TheRoad. #Phroogal’s tour ends in Los Angeles CA on June 30 with stops in Montana, Washington and Oregon before then. As of today, now June 23rd, you still have seven days to follow them. If you’re disappointed that you may have missed #Phroogal in or near your city, don’t be discouraged. More is coming from this amazing cross-country, 30-day financial event.

Respond to our challenge in the comment section below. Let us know how you accept our challenge and how your challenge conversations go. Share all your questions, comments and concerns. We’d love to hear from you.

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Ready to shed the emotional & financial burdens of debt?