The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .

Why You Don’t Need to Make a Budget (Cuz We Did It for You)

  February 19, 2019  |    #Tools

Don’t make a budget

Is your money situation stressing you out? Maybe you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck, and you’re nervous that you couldn’t even cover a simple emergency. You know that following a budget is key to fixing this situation, but you’re not sure where to start. Don’t make a budget.

Don’t make a budget, cuz we did

Here’s the thing: You don’t need to create your own budget.

That’s because we’ve done it for you! Today, we’re sharing the tools included in our plug-and-play Budget Buster Bundle. We discuss the current statistics around budgeting in the US and explain why the Budget Buster Bundle is crucial to your financial success.

We describe the value in a dynamic budget that gives you the wiggle room to live a real-life and allows for spending on the things that make you truly happy. Listen for insight around automating your budget and why the Budget Buster Bundle is for you.

Hear the best way to not have to create a budget:

Topics covered to create your budget

The current stats on budgeting

  • 2013 Gallup Poll = 32% use budget
  • 2016 US Bank Study = 41% use budget

Why it’s crucial to create a budget and us it

  • Achieve financial goals
  • Reserves to cover emergencies

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What’s included in the Budget Buster Bundle

  • Tools to find and reduce areas hurting you
  • Strategies to reduce food spending

Why we recommend our Dynamic Budget

  • Income/expenses differ from month to month
  • ‘Wiggle room to live real life’

The value in automating your budget

  • Pay for the most important things first
  • Avoid late fees

Who the Budget Buster Bundle is designed for

  • Financially stressed, living paycheck-to-paycheck
  • Not on a budget OR current budget not working

Resources to create a budget

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .