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3 Critical Keys to Living Your Best Life

  July 2, 2019  |    #Live Fabulously

Living your best life

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you may not like where you end up.” So, how do you know where you’re going to live your best life and avoid ending up where you don’t want to be? David Bach shares his insight on this Queer Money®.

Hear David talk about the keys to living your best life:

Meet David Bach

David Bach is one of the most popular financial authors of our time. He has written nine consecutive New York Times bestsellers, including Start Late, Finish Rich, The Automatic Millionaire, and his new release, The Latte Factor. David has been teaching people how to be smarter with their money since 1994, speaking internationally and making thousands of media appearances, with spots on The Today Show and The Oprah Winfrey Show, among many other outlets. He is also the founder of Finish Rich Media and co-founder of AE Wealth Management, a firm boasting $8B in assets under management.

David joins us to share the premise of his new book, The Latte Factor. He explains why having a vivid vision is crucial to changing your financial life, discussing how clear values make money decisions easier. David also addresses how to avoid getting sidetracked by values that aren’t your own and overcome the perception that you’re not worthy of more than a mediocre life.

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Topics covered on living your best life

The premise of David’s book, The Latte Factor

  • Main character Zoey Daniels (millennial in NYC)
  • Living paycheck to paycheck despite dream job
  • Mentors teach 3 secrets to financial freedom

3 keys to living your best life

  • Have a vivid vision of your best life
  • Know the WHY behind your vivid vision
  • Start today, don’t wait until an undetermined time in the future

Why a vivid vision is crucial to making a change

  • Process = purpose, focus + financial planning
  • Clear values make financial decisions easy

The value in living an intentional life

  • Be conscious of the WHY behind your actions
  • Clock is ticking, time to live best life is NOW

David’s insight on determining your values

  • Listen to the voice of little boy or girl inside you
  • Meditation or a long walk to listen to the heart

Overcoming limiting beliefs around money

  • Nobody coming to save you, you must save self
  • ‘Are you keeping yourself prisoner?’

David’s advice to those living below the poverty line

  • Fewer government services available in the future
  • Look for opportunities to make more money

How David is ‘saving money’ by living abroad

  • The decision to prioritize experiences over stuff
  • Apartment in Italy 1/3 of cost of NYC
  • Cost of insurance for year < one month in the US

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