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How to Find Low-Cost LGBT Retirement Cities

  January 4, 2022  |    #Live Fabulously

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Finding affordable LGBT retirement cities

Want to retire in an LGBT-friendly city but can’t find one in your budget? On this Queer Money® podcast, we discuss how to find LGBT retirement cities. Make retirement easier to afford by paying off high-interest rate credit card debt. So, get the 7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher here.

Friendly and low-cost LGBT retirement cities do exist

How can a queer person live in retirement that’s affordable and unabashedly LGBTQ-friendly? Where can one find affordable LGBT retirement cities?

Most gay-friendly cities in the US are expensive and will quickly eat up your retirement dollars, but there are places beyond our borders where you can spread your savings further and feel comfortable, safe and welcome.

Jim and Luis are a gay couple who retired early and spent the last two years living mostly outside the US in Portugal, Mexico and Spain.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Jim and Luis join us to share their slow travel experiences, explaining how they decide where to go and what differentiates their nomadic lifestyle from being on vacation.

Jim and Luis discuss the preparations they made to retire early, offering insight on why they got rid of all their debt before they quit their jobs and how they build a monthly budget around their real estate investment income.

Listen in for Jim and Luis’ advice on avoiding the peer pressure to overspend and learn how to create a plan to gain financial independence and retire somewhere that’s both LGBTQ-friendly and fits your budget!

Hear from Luis & Jim about affordable LGBT retirement cities:

Topics covered about low-cost LGBT retirement cities

  • Why Americans in general and the gay community specifically overspends
  • How Jim & Luis describe themselves as Financial Independence/Retire Investors
  • Why Jim & Luis got rid of ALL their debt before they quit their jobs
  • How Jim & Luis build a monthly budget around their real estate investment income
  • Jim & Luis’ experience living in Portugal, Spain and Mexico during the pandemic
  • Making a mindset shift away from acquiring stuff to acquiring time
  • How cost of living and gay friendliness help Jim & Luis decide where to live
  • The benefits of Portugal’s Golden Visa program and how it works
  • Why it’s better to be nomadic than to become a tax resident in Western Europe
  • Jim & Luis’ experience with using their worldwide healthcare policy
  • What differentiates a nomadic lifestyle or slow travel from being on vacation
  • How to avoid lifestyle creep and say NO to the peer pressure to spend
You have this mindset of if it’s less expensive, it’s not good. It really flips your perspective when you go outside the US. It’s not all about what you spend. It’s the quality of the thing you have. - Luis ToledoClick To Tweet

Resources for finding affordable LGBT retirement locations

Get more help to prepare for your LGBT retirement:

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