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What You Should Know about LGBT Financial Planning

  November 9, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

LGBT Financial Planning

On his Queer Money, we talk about the unique considerations for LGBT financial planning. Olivia Hamilton, from GuideVine, and Cathy Pareto, a financial advisor from Miami, share their insight and experiences.

Listen and learn about queer financial planning:

The reality of LGBT financial planning

Olivia shares how GuideVine can help our queer listeners find financial advisors who are either LGBT themselves or understand the unique considerations for queer financial planning.

In 2013, Cathy and her partner at the time, Karla Arguello, were one of six same-sex couples selected to sue Florida’s Clerk of Courts for the right to marry. An exciting story made for the movies, Cathy shares how circumstances led to her and her now her wife, Karla, being the first same-sex couple to be married in the state of Florida. This is the first step Cathy and Karla took to help our LGBT family in Florida take a step towards equality.

Cathy and Karla later filed another suit against Florida for refusing to allow Cathy’s name on her own children’s birth certificates. Cathy and Karla won that case and helped our LGBT family in Florida take another step towards equality.

LGBT financial planning

As a financial advisor and a trailblazer for the queer community, Cathy can provide unique insight for LGBT financial planning for single people, partners and spouses.

Cathy created a video with our friends at GuideVine that lays out what you should know about queer financial planning. It’s super informative!

Cathy shares her and Karla’s financial considerations both before and after marriage, including health benefits, child adoption credits and health club memberships. Cathy even shares an experience with Karla while they were standing in the grocery aisle discussing the importance of olives.

GuideVine has an entire cadre of financial advisors specializing in queer financial planning. Check GuideVine out!

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .