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Increase Your Income as an LGBT Entrepreneur

  June 21, 2017  |    #Make Money

Thrive as an LGBT entrepreneur

How do you succeed without giving up what makes you unique? Often an LGBT entrepreneur struggles with authenticity in their business lives, believing that they must ‘tone it down’ in order to succeed. But your uniqueness is what allows you to shine and thrive, increase your income, and achieve the highest level of success.

How to become an LGBT entrepreneur

Caleb and Matthew are partners in life and business. Together, they founded LGBT Entrepreneur to support business owners via programs and one-on-one coaching. The duo is on a mission to create an environment in which LGBTQ entrepreneurs can grow and prosper, making an impact in their community and the world at large. Caleb and Matthew started their own businesses at the same time, an immigration law firm and bodywork coaching venture respectively. They employed much trial and error before finding systems that worked, and LGBT Entrepreneur emerged to help others avoid the struggle and ultimately lift up the LGBTQ community.

Today Caleb and Matthew chat with the Debt Free Guys™ about their area of expertise as coaches, what to expect in an Increase Your Income strategy session, and why they include a one-on-one component with every offering at LGBTQ Entrepreneur. Listen and learn why Caleb and Matthew chose to focus on serving the LGBTQ community, the trends specific to LGBTQ clients, and their take on how the community can raise its game!

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Topics covered about becoming an LGBT Entrepreneur

Who Caleb and Matthew serve

  • Socially conscious clients
  • LGBTQ entrepreneurs

Why Caleb and Matthew focus on the LGBTQ community

  • Comfort level, desire to lift up
  • Continued discrimination makes entrepreneurship only option for some
  • Want LGBTQ community to thrive
  • Money is a powerful tool for good in the right hands (‘magnifies who you are’)

Trends Caleb and Matthew notice in working with LGBTQ clients

  • Struggle with a decision to be out publicly
  • Willing to face challenges because struggled in past
  • Must overcome limiting beliefs
  • Struggle with authenticity (tone down to succeed)

The LGBTQ Entrepreneur coaching process

  • Focus on results (reverse engineer steps)
  • Determine goals/vision
  • Identify blocks
  • Develop a plan
  • Process unique to each person
  • One-on-one component to every offering

Caleb and Matthew’s area of expertise as coaches

  • Uncovering problems, roadblocks
  • Identify things to tweak
  • Clients have difficulty pinpointing actual struggle
  • ‘Mess’ instead of a message

The LGBTQ Entrepreneur Increase Your Income strategy session

  • Purpose of providing value and connecting
  • 30-minute one-on-one phone call
  • Discuss challenges
  • Offer powerful recommendations for getting past challenges
  • Not a pushy sales call

How the LGBTQ community can raise its game

  • Continue to support each other in ‘times of peace’
  • Highlight, share positive stories
  • Take time to appreciate, enjoy successes
  • Make a conscious decision to use a platform for the greater good

Why Caleb and Matthew made the decision to work together

  • Spend more time together
  • Create something together
  • Complementary skill sets (integrator + visionary)

Why you should make a Facebook Live video today

  • Get the message out there
  • ‘Perfection syndrome’ prevents action
  • Unscripted format promotes authenticity, connection

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