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5 LGBT Creative Advantages in Business

  November 26, 2019  |    #Make Money

LBGT creative advantages

Navigating the world as LGBT gives us advantages in creativity, letting us see possibilities others may not. So, how can you tap into those LGBT creative advantages? Hear all that and more.

Learn the LGBT creative advantages for business:

Put your LGBT creative advantages to the test 

Peter Krask is the Founder and Creative Director of The Creativity Guide, a venture that helps entrepreneurs and artists tap into their creativity and provides support and direction in designing and running a business. He was recently selected to be a Dedicated Mentor at the New Museum in New York City for Year 6 of the New Inc. Program. Peter is also an accomplished photographer and writer, and he has been the President of PMK Floral Arts for 20-plus years.

On this episode of Queer Money®, Peter joins us to define creative entrepreneurship and discuss what creatives and entrepreneurs have in common. He shares the connection between being queer and being creative, weighing in on what creativity blocks LGBT entrepreneurs have in common and how we can capitalize on our ability to see possibilities outside the norm. Listen in for insight around Peter’s role as a Creativity Guide and learn how to tap into your imagination and leverage creativity as a superpower.

We all sort of invent our own way of being queer, and I think that’s a really interesting, powerful motivation to express that in your entrepreneurship as well. - Peter KraskClick To Tweet

Topics covered on LGBT creative advantages

How Peter defines creative entrepreneurship

  • Involves imagination and making things
  • Communicate with the audience, tell a story

What creatives and entrepreneurs have in common

  • Both begin with impulse or idea
  • Engage in the process of discovery

Why Peter believes that everyone is creative

  • May get labeled otherwise by ‘that teacher’
  • World of work requires finding solutions

The pressure entrepreneurs feel to assume CEO mode

  • Balance making decisions + ‘making the thing’
  • Act of imagination to make a thing that didn’t exist

The connection between being queer and being creative

  • We learn to read the environment, expectations
  • Facilitates different way of being in the world
  • Seeing other possibilities = profoundly creative

How queer entrepreneurs can capitalize on their creativity

  • Own it, work to be in tune with self
  • Best entrepreneurs respond to changing the world

The common creativity blocks among queer entrepreneurs

  • Residual shame, still trying to prove something
  • Difficulty speaking as true self through work
  • Who do you think you are? (imposter syndrome)

Why Peter sees creativity as a superpower

  • Endured bullying campaign in dorms freshman year
  • Writing editorial in school paper stopped a behavior

Peter’s role as a Creativity Guide

  • Project whisperer (therapist, coach and co-creator)
  • Help determine the path and realize a vision

Peter’s best advice for Queer Money listeners

  • Say YES and then figure it out
  • Don’t get paralyzed by choices, just START

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