Leather men

Leather Men

They’re hot. They’re a little scary. They know what they want – and usually get it, and they’re not a multipurpose knife you get in Boy Scouts. They’re men who love leather and love men who love leather. They’re leather men, and sometimes you can call them daddy.

Leather men Valentine’s Day date

Nothing sets the tone for a special day with your special man quite like the smell of leather polish and moisturizer. If you and your man are leather men, spend your Valentine’s Day preparing for and enjoying your leather clothes and some leather play.

  • Start your morning with a nutrient-dense smoothie before you hit the gym for some powerlifting exercises to glamour pump those muscles up. When you get home, refuel with a power breakfast.
  • Make your way over to the local leather shop and update your gear to add some excitement to your play. Get one or two items you or he might not normally buy.
  • After your afternoon of shopping and a beer or two, make your way home to put that new gear to work. It’s a special day for your special someone, so let go of your inhibitions. The restraints are on your wrists and ankles, not your play.
  • When you’re done, clean up, turn on some relaxing music, turn down the lights and treat each other to massages until it’s time for bed.

What dates go with a leather men date?

If you want to mix your leather men date with one or two other dates, do so. It’ll be fun. A good mix may be a Gym Boyz date or Da Bears date. Heck, it’s Valentine’s Day! Put on your best leather and show the boys how the men roll by mixing in a dash of a Dancing Queens’ date.