Lazy Day Lovers

Lazy day lovers

They don’t mind you know that they spend their whole day in sweatpants and don’t communicate with the outside world. They’re lazy day lovers, and they just want to lie around all day lazing with their lover.

Lazy day overs Valentine’s Day date

Neither of you wants to do it, but you both know you’ll be happier if you do. Get out of debt, put on some pants – men in public in sweatpants is a great thing – and start your day with a sleep-inducing breakfast.

  • Each of you drinks a cup of Sleepytime Tea the night before and sleep in well past normal. Be sure all alarm clocks and phones are turned off. This especially on this special day includes Grindr push notifications.
  • After you’ve both had your coffee and scrolled through Facebook and Tumblr, mosey hand-in-hand over to your favorite brunch spot to induce the food coma of your lazy day-dreams.
  • Return home after brunch to spend the rest of your day on the couch watching your favorite, romantic movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. Other favorites of ours include Boys and North Sea Texas. When the time is right, order nourishment from your favorite local delivery.

Your ideal day is a day spent all day close to each other, cuddling, sleeping and engaging in lazy day lovers talk. Don’t mind the outside when you’re both warm and cozy on the inside

What does go with lazy day lovers?

Lazy day lovers dates mix nicely with the affectionate love birds date. As you can’t ly around the house all day and eat nothing, mix your lazy day lovers date with a foodie fanatics date. If going outside your doors isn’t your thing, try Uber Eats or Door Dash and eat a variety of foods delivered straight to your front door.