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Why Your Last Date Took Your Last Dollar

  December 21, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Are the costs of your dates going north while your love life is going south? Are you down to your last dollar? On this Queer Money®, we host two good friends, one gay and one straight, to talk about the financial costs of both the queer and the straight dating scenes.

Social media, such as Facebook, Instagram and, yes, Grindr, are making the world smaller. The costs to dating someone we meet on these apps for dinner, long-term or sex are higher because travel expenses are taking your last dollar.

Four men talk about what to look out for on the queer and straight dating seen and how not to let your love life hurt your wallet.

Hear why your last date took your last dollar:

The cost of dating conveniences

Sixty percent of relationships today start on dating apps. Meeting someone online for a date used to be taboo. Now we meet people on apps. Relationships that come out of dating apps are more stable and last longer than traditional dating because the “screening process” is more rigorous. We discuss other benefits to dating in the information age, as well as the problems of dating convenience.

The difference between straight and queer dating

Historically the queer community has waited longer than our straight peers to settle down. Now, GenXers and Millennials are delaying marriage. We discuss other similarities and differences in straight and queer dating.

Traditional rules still apply with straight dating in that the man pays for the first date, afterwards, this changes based on the circumstances; younger generations go Dutch. In queer relationships, it’s usually the person with the most money who pays. We talk about the influence money has on our dating lives and how we can keep our last dollar.

More than your last dollar

There are the “baby-steppers” who ease into relationships and “converts” who go too far too fast. Money is only one aspect and what someone brings is more than money. We talk about the invaluable benefits of dating and finding someone you love, which is more important than our last dollar.

Whether your love life is killing you or you’re dying for love, this Queer Money® is for you.

2 responses to “Why Your Last Date Took Your Last Dollar

  1. Dating can be expensive, and it sneaks up on you too! Small expenses add up like getting a new outfit to impress your date, or going to a fancier restaurant that you wouldn’t normally go to! Happy holidays from the Centsai team!

    1. Agreed. The cost of woowing someone can be pretty high especially if you are trying to impress with outward appearances. Trying some cheap ways from time to time is a great way to show you got something on the insides too. 😉 Happy holidays to you all too!

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