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Money Masters: J Money

  March 9, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Money Master: J Money

One day I received an email from a guy by the name of J Money. It said, “Hey, dude! I just posted your article on my site, Rockstar Finance. Hope it drives traffic your way.” That week he gave us more traffic than we had every received in a week’s time.

Since then, we’ve gotten to know J Money and he’s a great guy with a great story who is doing great things. In addition to Rockstar Finance, J Money also manages Budgets are Sexy, which is his more personal, personal finance blog.

With the help of the funny and smart Paula Pant, J Money recently launched a widely successful podcast called The Money Show.

J Money Q&A

1. Why are budgets sexy?

Budgets – and just tracking your money in general – is sexy because it gives you CONFIDENCE which ultimately leads to better decisions in not only your finances, but for what you want out of life too. You have to know what you’re dealing with in order to plan your attack, and by looking at both your expenses and income all in one spot you’re miles ahead than just keeping it all in your head. Which is mostly wrong 90% of the times since our brains suck at keeping accurate information.

If budgets are too scary for you, try tracking your *net worth* instead which will also give you a helluva good snapshot of your finances. (Add up all your assets on one side (savings, investments, property) and then all your liabilities on the other (c/c debt, loans, mortgages) and the difference between the two is your “number”). As long as it continues to go up over time you’re good!

3. You started blogging in 2007 and shortly thereafter lost your job. Now you’re a blogging success. Things are different today, though. What advice would you give to someone just getting started with blogging who also wants to be a success?

I don’t think anything’s different today than it was all those years back. If anything, technology has made building things online even easier! It really comes down to *what* you’re trying to get at the end of the day. I never encourage anyone to start a blog just for the money because so few ever “make it”, but if you love discussing a topic and helping people and growing a community, then hell yeah – start one up today! You really have to LOVE what you’re doing to be successful in any area of business or life, so focus on what excites you and what you’re willing to spend a ton of your off hours on in order to make it happen. My online projects may be successful now, but I’ve spent thousands of hours over the past 8 years not only working during the day, but on countless nights and weekends as well. If I hated it I’d have given up on month #1 🙂

3. You aggregate a lot of material on What are the two topics your readers have the most interest in and why do you think that is?

That’s a great question… I actually don’t know the answer to that to be honest (I suck at analytics), but I can tell you that anytime I post something up about becoming a millionaire or early retirement the clicks usually get much higher than, say, how to budget. As much as that kills me 😉 Articles on how to pay off debt fast and other more extreme lifestyle choices (living in a tiny home, saving 90% of your money, etc) also do well. Probably because it’s just so fascinating and most people enjoy being entertained while they’re learning about money too.

That’s probably the trick to making anything take off online – being able to share an idea that not only helps all those who are reading, but in a way that captivates them and makes them actually WANT to be there vs feeling like it’s a lecture a la 2nd grade. At the end of the day everyone knows how to save money or pay off their debts, it’s actually getting them *to take action* that’s the tricky part. We’re all wired so differently and in different phases of our lives, so I do my best to showcase the articles that tend to be more unique and focus on the *why* more so than the *how*. If I can get you to share a post on finances with your friends, I know I’m doing a good job! It’s a hard topic to get people pumped up about! Haha.

Where to Find J Money

If you’re looking for personal and valuable financial advice, be sure to find J Money  Rockstar Finance, Budgets are Sexy, The Money Show.


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  1. J comes across a genuine in both his writing and his (old) podcast. I’ve never met him, but I feel like we’re old college buddies or something and I’d bet many others feel the same – I think that’s why he’s been able to create not one, but two go-to personal finance sites.

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