It’s Not Them. It’s You.

We guest posted on The Becomer a while back about the power of looking internally rather than externally to achieve money consciousness.

How often have you said the following?

  • If I get that job, my money problems will disappear.
  • If I get that promotion, I’ll be better with my money.  I swear.
  • If my bonus is big enough, I’ll pay off my debt and never build it up again.

If you’ve said anything like this, you’re not alone.  Most of us have said these same or similar words.  We say them to ourselves.  We say them to friends and family.  We say them to our higher power of choice and we believe them.

We say them, but when we say them we’re focused on the wrong thing.  We look to someone or something else to make our lives what we want them to be.  We look externally rather than internally.  We make excuses.

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