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The Newest Way to Invest in Your Future

  July 9, 2019  |    #Eliminate Debt

How to invest in your future

Karen and Dave were struggling. Unplanned expenses forced the couple to max out several credit cards, and they weren’t sure how to fix it on their own. That’s when they came across our Credit Card Pay Off Plan and made the decision to invest in their future. Is it time to invest in your future?

Hear how to invest in your future with Karen & Dave:

Meet Karen & Dave

On this episode of Queer Money®, Karen and Dave join us to share their experience with the Credit Card Pay Off Course, explaining how family obligations, unexpected healthcare expenses and unconscious spending led to their serious credit card debt. They explain how they learned about the course and what makes it different from other programs they’ve used in terms of flexibility and the detailed Spending Analysis.

Karen and Dave also discuss the progress they’ve made so far, describing how they’ve adjusted their spending habits to pay off several cards and significantly decrease their monthly interest payments. Listen in as Karen and Dave share their plan to buy a travel trailer once they’ve built up savings and learn how your hopes and dreams can inspire you to invest in your future and pay off your credit card debt with our exclusive Debt Lasso Method, which you can access by clicking here!

The reason that we took the Credit Card Pay Off Course was we realized we were struggling to figure out what we needed to do. - Karen Deeter, member of the Credit Card Pay Off CourseClick To Tweet

Topics covered to help you invest in your future

Karen & Dave’s financial situation prior to the course 

  • Dave struggling with 3 loans and 5 credit cards
  • Karen paying $700/month in interest on cards

The progress Karen & Dave have made so far

  • Dave paid off 3 cards and 2 loans
  • Karen’s interest down to $500/month

How Karen & Dave acquired credit card debt

  • Care for children with disabilities + help relatives
  • Bought things didn’t need (band-aid to feel better)

What differentiates the CCPOC from other programs

  • Spending analysis
  • Flexibility
  • Weekly check-in

The areas where Karen & Dave were overspending

  • Kindle books, music and Udemy classes
  • Weekly date night dinner out

What inspired Karen & Dave to buy the CCPOC

  • Dave struggling to make payments on time
  • Unplanned healthcare expenses added to their debt

Karen & Dave’s plans once their debt is paid off

  • Eat out weekly for date night
  • Buy a small trailer for travel

Resources to invest in your future

See us explain the Debt Lasso Method to CNBC:

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.