40 Holiday Savings Tips

Holiday Savings

Cameron Huddleston, a member of the awesomeness that is GoBankingRates.com, asked us and other great personal finance people for tips to save money over the holidays. We were, of course, happy to oblige. This article, 40 Ways to Save Money Over the Holidays, in fact, shares 40 tips to do just that. If you’re stressing about holiday spending, consider these 40 tips to have a money conscious holiday.

#DFG Holiday Savings Tip

We believe that because Americans spend so much time and money planning and making their holidays the best that they can be, holiday spending shouldn’t be an isolated consideration. Most Americans would do well to considering the holidays, Halloween through New Years, all year round. The reason Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is called Black Friday is because this is usually when retailers who were in the red (negative) all year can expect to go in the black (positive). Buying presents and decorations all year, especially when prices aren’t jacked up just in time for the holidays.

Economic Holiday Spending Concern

Please remember, too, that the fundamentals of the economy are tenuous. Despite headline reports, the lower numbers are concerning. For months, we’ve advised readers to save more than they spend and to consider ways to make their holiday NSE (Not-So-Expensive). For more on NSE, see David’s video here.

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