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Introducing GuideVine

  April 27, 2016  |    #Tools

GuideVine Rocks

Before physically meeting face-to-face, GuideVine lets users “virtually meet” prospective advisors. These videos, such as the video with our friend Cathy Pareto, let investors get to know and understand an advisor and their investment philosophy before stepping foot into an office. This is important because it puts more control into your hands.

We’ve had beers with the co-founder and CEO of GuideVine on two separate occasions and had long conversations with his employees. We know they are committed to giving their customers great service and financial advisor referrals.

An example of just how committed they are to serving its clients, they created a program for the Debt Free Guys™ to connect our queer followers with advisors who have the experience and understanding to help the queer community. Even with same-sex marriage legal across the country, there are still financial nuances for the queer community and having an advisor who understands that is important.

GuideVine & DFG

We’re excited to announce our affiliate relationship with GuideVine. As we’ve shared, we’re selective with who and how many affiliates the Debt Free Guys™ have.

Until recently, our DFG Approved page included awesome affiliates that help the Debt Free Guys™’ community learn to graduate college with little to no debt, more easily and quickly pay off student loans, mortgages and personal loans, repair their credit and includes a tool that brings the “envelope system” into the 21st century.

There was one piece missing; investing. GuideVine is the perfect company to help with that. They are to investors what Match.com is to single people. By answering only a few questions, they use their advanced algorithms to connect users with a handful of select and qualified financial advisors to suit their unique needs.

To learn more about GuideVine and how they can help you, whether you are straight or queer, visit them at here.

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Go from anxious to confident with your money. Crisis proof your finances here.