The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .

Go to College for Free with The Scholarship System

  January 20, 2017  |    #Tools

A great thing starts to happen when you start to hang out with great people – they introduce you to other great people, including great people who are helping other people go to college for free with great tools like The Scholarship System.

A great example of this is when we befriended Adam Carroll. Adam owns, has two TED Talks under his belt, hosts the Build a Bigger Life podcast and, if that’s not enough, produced and stars in the documentary, “Broke, Busted, and Disgusted” about the true, escalating and prohibitive costs of college. 

Whew! That’s quite a resume. Time for me to update my LinkedIn profile.

Great Introductions

One day we get an email from Adam. The email simply says, “Jocelyn, meet David and John. David and John, meet Jocelyn. I think you three will hit it off.” We FaceTime’d with Jocelyn and talked for an hour and a half. It turns out, Adam was right.

We’re the Debt Free Guys™. Our goal is to make America as debt free as possible. While it seems Washington, DC wants to fight us, we’ll do anything and everything we can to help American families become financially independent.

To that end, we’ve written extensively about the higher education bubble and the risks and burdens it puts on Americans. We even wrote a book about it, which you can get for $1 on Amazon or for free by clicking on the link of the horrified bride and groom staring into their debt-riddled future below. Even without a college degree, you know which of those two options is the better one.

The Great Scholarship System

Jocelyn is the owner and founder of The Scholarship System. The Scholarship System is founded on Jocelyn’s experience of graduating college with zero student loan debt. Jocelyn’s entire college experience, including six months abroad, was completely paid by someone else. In fact, she was still receiving scholarship checks in the mail after her graduation (on Jocelyn’s next free webinar, she’ll tell you all about it).   

Jocelyn was paid to go to school. Her Scholarship System will help you get paid to go to school, too. The benefit of you graduating college or trade school, if you choose to go to college or trade school – Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison never got college degrees – means when you leave school you can move on from school.

This means no monthly student loan payments. This means not living with your parents. You won’t have to accept the first job offer you get for fear of never being able to pay back your student loans. You’ll be able to get on with your life and other life experiences, such as marriage, buying a house, having children rather than postponing or skipping all of those. This benefits you and us.

The more money you infuse the economy with money, rather than use it to pay off debt, the better off the U.S. economy is, the more jobs that are created and the better off all American become.

Join Jocelyn on her next free webinar to learn more about her Scholarship System straight from her. You, the U.S. economy and the American people will be better for it.

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The 5-step plan to pay off credit card debt faster and cheaper starts with this . . .