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Queer Money: Gay Weddings

  March 3, 2016  |    #Live Fabulously

Gay Weddings

On episode 2 of Queer Money™, we discussed how perfect gay weddings don’t have to ruin perfect gay marriages.

Gay Weddings Guests

  • Amiee Palifroni owns Prisma Weddings & Events in Denver CO that specializes in lesbian and gay weddings.
  • Jessica Ozar is a freelance writer in Atlanta GA whose work has appeared on The Huffington Post. She was legally married to her wife in August 2014.
  • Matt Carriglitto is an accountant and Partner at Holm Ryan Truitt Hall, LLC in Denver CO. Matt specializes in accounting for the LGBT community. Matt married his partner in October 2015.

Gay Weddings Show Notes

  • The perfect wedding represents your feelings and is recognized by friends, family and the government
  • Thoroughly research what you want and eliminate what you don’t want
  • Ask for discounts and leverage connections
  • Alternatives such as destination weddings to all-inclusive resorts may cost less overall
  • Learn to say, “No.”
  • You’re already non-traditional, adopt any tradition you want

Gay Weddings Conclusion

  • Establish a wedding budget you can live with, not one that requires financing
  • Decide what the one or two most important aspects of your wedding are and don’t let other aspects cause budget creep
  • Control your guest list
  • Limit spending on alcohol


  • Per Huffington Post in 2013, only 28% of gay weddings have 100+ people; lesbian couples spend on average 15% more than gay couples.
  • Per Advocate in 2014, gay weddings on average cost $15,849; straight weddings on average cost $14,009 less.
  • We shared on YahooFinance: get married off-season, avoid insurance, buy local and seasonal, DIY, solicit the help of friends and family, negotiated and consign.
  • Cameron Huddleston shared on Kiplinger 8, pragmatic ways to spend $5,000 or less on weddings.
  • Rosemarie Groner of shares how she spent $3,000 on her wedding.
  • Sandy Smith of Yes I AM Cheap wrote about how she had a $5,000 wedding.
  • Download the Queer Money™ 16 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Your Perfect Wedding

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