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Simplifying Gay Taxes with Credit Karma

  July 24, 2018  |    #Make Money

Gay taxes don’t have to be difficult

If you are a same-sex married spouse, the IRS may owe you money! Maybe it’s time to figure out your gay taxes.

Learning about gay taxes with Credit Karma

A recent Credit Karma LGBTQ tax study found that 35% of same-sex married couples are unsure about their filing status. If you are among the 35% and you filed as single, head of household or married filing separately, you may not have received all the tax breaks and benefits you deserve. But the good news is, you can file an amended return and get that cash back!

Christina Taylor is the Senior Manager of Tax Operations for Credit Karma, the online platform working to make financial growth possible for everyone. Credit Karma is on a mission to give its 75M members free access to the tools, education, and opportunities necessary for making real, meaningful progress in their financial lives.

Christina joins us to share the findings of the Credit Karma LGBTQ tax study. She explains why tax law is so confusing for same-sex married couples and walks us through the five potential filing statuses. Christina discusses her top takeaways from the study, offering insight around filing jointly, claiming the adoption tax credit, and filing for a medical deduction. Listen in for Christina’s advice on filing an amended return and learn how Credit Karma can help you receive all of the tax breaks and benefits available to you!

Listen here to learn more about your gay taxes:

More than a quarter of same-sex spouses seem to still be confused about selecting a filing status. - Christina Taylor of Credit KarmaClick To Tweet

Topics covered

The Credit Karma LGBTQ tax study

  • 150 respondents (same-sex married spouses)
  • Gauge awareness of available tax breaks

Why tax law can be confusing for same-sex married couples

  • 1,000 laws on books for married couples
  • Federal law may differ from state law

Christina’s top takeaways from the study

  • More than ¼ confused about filing status
  • Some still not filing jointly on a federal return
  • Unaware of amended return opportunity
  • Unaware of the available adoption tax credit

The five potential filing statuses

  • Married filing jointly, married filing separately
  • Single, head of household, qualifying widower

The details of the adoption tax credit

  • Available to every status but married filing separately
  • Up to $13,500 per adopted child

The parameters for filing an amended tax return

  • Up to 3 years after filing or 2 years after paying
  • Take advantage of credit or change filing status
  • Through CPA, updating software or by hand

Credit Karma’s free tools for filing taxes

  • Personal product based on a life event interview
  • Easy, quick and free (federal and state return)

Christina’s advice around filing for a medical deduction

  • IRS likely to question gender reassignment surgery
  • Secure doctor’s diagnosis to support treatment
  • Must exceed 7½% to 10% of AGI to claim

Credit Karma’s support of the LGBTQ community

  • Empower to make financial progress
  • Educate around available tax credits
  • Offer free tools for filing

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