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Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice

  June 10, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Same Queer Money™, New Platform

It’s our belief that the best way to spread gay pride and eliminate financial prejudice is for the queer community to gain a louder, stronger voice. We believe one of the best ways to do that is for there to be more LGBT bloggers and GLBT blogs. Check out our call to arms on gay blogging here and then start your very own gay blog in less than an hour with this step-by-step guide here.

It is with this in mind tat we kick off this Gay Pride special as the first show with our new format for Queer Money™. We enjoyed our first iteration so much and received lots of positive feedback that we decided to continue it. Our podcasts are on iTunes, SoundCloud and Sticher. Our videos are on the Debt Free Guys™’ YouTube Channel. Our podcasts and videos are also on our Queer Money™ page, which can be found at and Queer.Money.

Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice Guest

David Rae Certified Financial Planner™, AIF® and fiscal fitness maestro, makes dollars and sense for the LGBT community and friends for over a decade. He lives in LA with his husband and two Chihuahuas. He contributes to both the Advocate Magazine and Huffington Post.

David’s smart and fun. We enjoy him so much that he’ll be a recurring guest. With his knowledge of financial planning and investing, he’ll be a great resource for our Queer Money™ audience.



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Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice Show

On this episode, we talked about the desire that many in our community are spending unwisely as adults to make up for their childhood. We also tried to uncover if the outward appearances are supported by their finances.

The queer community prides itself on being inclusive, but sometimes the disparity can be financially penalizing. Doctors and lawyers are friends with restaurant and retail workers. Despite the clear disparity in income, everyone is often traveling together, dining out together and shopping at the same stores.

There’s an expectation that gays are wealthier. While we’ve shown on past Queer Money™ episodes that’s not true, many of us feel we must live up to false expectations. David Rae shares that in order to be truly successful financially, we must fund our emergency savings accounts and save appropriately for retirement.

David Rae shared as he does at that his most successful clients take the steps to be financially successful. They often started saving and investing young, they automate bill payments and investment contributions and they don’t touch savings. They avoid keeping up with Mr. & Mr. Jones, avoid credit card debt and live on a budget.

To start the path to financial security is to know what we most want in life. It’s important to take pride in all aspects of our lives, including our financial lives. Pride isn’t just being able to walk in a parade. We should be proud of all aspects of our lives. We should be proud of our careers, our impact on the community, our family whether biological or created and our financial lives.

Improve your financial security by starting your very own gay blog. All that you need to know can be found here.

Two of our tips include using the NSE (not-so-expensive) method and Money Chunking. NSE options include dinner in rather than dinner out, maybe a box of wine or a bottle under $10 rather than an expensive bottle and TJ Maxx rather than Neiman Marcus (a.k.a. Needless Markup). Money Chunking is a strategy to get our budget to last the till payday. We shared money tips to get through Pride weekend.

There’s a lot of advice and lots that can be done to achieve financial success and the best way to start is with small changes over time. The best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.

One of the main reasons the queer community must be financially responsible is because the fight for equality isn’t over. We still need to push on and money is a major tool. In order to do more and be more, we must be financially secure.

Happy Gay Pride! Now take pride in your money by making more money on your very own with your gay blog.

Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice Resources

5 responses to “Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice

  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I think its a good point that many are trying to live up to false expectations. It certainly holds true outside of the gay community as well. Good points, love the podcast, keep sharing the good stuff!

    1. Thank you Amber. We were there once ourselves. It’s so easy to get sucked up into a lifestyle that we think we must present. Anything you found especially helpful?

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