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Why Both Gay Money and Gay Pride Matter

  June 3, 2021  |    #Live Fabulously

Hi there! You new here? We love that you found our gay little corner of the web. Here at Debt Free Guys, we’re all about helping queer people live lives they truly love inside and out. We think happiness is a 360-degree experience (purpose, love, money, wellness, and lifestyle) that you also deserve. After reading our article below, see how we can help you more here.

Gay money and gay pride are inextricably linked

Gay money and gay pride are inextricably linked, yet we mostly focus on gay pride at the expense of our gay money – no pun intended. Here’s how we can do both. While you’re here, get a free copy of the  5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life.

Hear all about how money and pride can complement each other:

Queer Money® podcast guest

David Rae Certified Financial Planner™, AIF® and fiscal fitness maestro, has made dollars and sense for the LGBT community and friends for over a decade. He lives in LA with his husband and two Chihuahuas. He contributes to both the Advocate Magazine and Huffington Post.

David’s smart and fun. We enjoy him so much that he’ll be a recurring guest. With his knowledge of financial planning and investing, he’ll be a great resource for our Queer Money® audience.

Is there more to Pride than parades and parties?

The first Pride was a riot. Pride then turned into marches that turned into celebrations. That’s all amazing and good. That’s a lot of progress.

But it’s time for queer people to do more and expect more in order to push more aggressively for more equality and security.

An important pillar of a strong queer community – one that’s rarely talked about – is stronger LGBTQ individuals. To be an authentically strong queer individual requires individual financial security. The financially stronger we are as LGBTQ individuals the stronger we are as a queer community.

On this episode of the Queer Money® podcast, we talked about the desire that many in our community are spending unwisely as adults to make up for their childhood. We also tried to uncover if the outward appearances are supported by their finances.

The queer community prides itself on being inclusive, but sometimes the disparity can be financially penalizing. Doctors and lawyers are friends with restaurant and retail workers. Despite the clear disparity in income, everyone is often traveling together, dining out together and shopping at the same stores.

There’s a perception that gay men are wealthier than the average human. While we’ve shown on past Queer Money® episodes that’s not true, many of us feel we must live up to false expectations. Rae shares that in order to be truly successful financially, we must fund our emergency savings accounts and save appropriately for retirement.

Rae shared as he does at that his most successful clients take the steps to be financially successful. They often started saving and investing young, they automate bill payments and investment contributions and they don’t touch savings. They avoid keeping up with Mr. & Mr. Jones, avoid credit card debt and live on a budget.

To start the path to financial security is to know what we most want in life. It’s important to take pride in all aspects of our lives, including our financial lives. Pride isn’t just being able to walk in a parade. We should be proud of all aspects of our lives. We should be proud of our careers, our impact on the community, our family whether biological or created and our financial lives.

Get the 5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life here.

Our Queer Money® Follow-Up of episode 3 of the Queer Money® podcast, ‘Gay Pride & Financial Prejudice,’ highlights that Pride is a holistic, 360-experience.

It’s now time for the queer community to think comprehensively about how we push further for LGBTQ rights in law and equality in the workplace and in neighborhoods big and small across the country.

One of the main reasons the queer community must be financially responsible is because the fight for equality isn’t over. We still need to push on and money is a major tool. In order to do more and be more, we must be financially secure.

See the follow-up to this Queer Money®  episode:

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5 Building Blocks of a Happy Gay Life

We’re David and John Auten-Schneider, the Debt Free Guys ( and hosts of the Queer Money® podcast. We help queer people (and allies) live fabulously not fabulously broke by helping them 1) pay off credit card debt, 2) become part- or full-time entrepreneurs and 3) save and invest for retirement.

5 responses to “Why Both Gay Money and Gay Pride Matter

  1. I stopped going to many queer events because they were mainly excuses to spend money drinking and being seen. Not good for my life or wallet.

  2. Love this! Thanks for sharing. I think its a good point that many are trying to live up to false expectations. It certainly holds true outside of the gay community as well. Good points, love the podcast, keep sharing the good stuff!

    1. Thank you Amber. We were there once ourselves. It’s so easy to get sucked up into a lifestyle that we think we must present. Anything you found especially helpful?

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