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Navigating Gay Divorce Without Going Broke

  October 23, 2018  |    #Eliminate Debt

Navigating gay divorce

Now that we have marriage equality in the US, same-sex couples are dealing with a new phenomenon— gay divorce. There are serious emotional and financial ramifications that our community needs to consider should their gay marriage end in gay divorce.

Navigating gay divorce with straight divorcees

Kayla Sloan and Shanah Bell are the Cash Wise Ex-Wives, an online community for men and women who are considering, navigating or dealing with the aftermath of divorce. Kayla and Shanah are dedicated to serving and supporting those transitioning into divorce without killing their finances.

Hear about the resources for gay divorce:

There are so many positive things that can come from divorce with the right attitude and if you approach it right. - Cash Wise Ex-WivesClick To Tweet

Kayla and Shanah share their own experiences with divorce, explaining what caused their marriages to end and the role money played as a source of stress in their relationships. They discuss how societal pressure to get married influenced their decisions as well as the value in establishing while things are good premarital or marital agreements to protect your assets.

Topics covered about straight and gay divorce

What inspired Kayla and Shanah to create Cash Wise Ex-Wives

  • Met at FinCon, common experience
  • Resource for people going through divorce

How Shanah’s divorce experience changed her life

  • Led to create main business (health on budget)
  • Changed for better, friendship with ex-husband

Shanah’s tumultuous marriage

  • Not on same page re: parenting or finances
  • Emotional abuse in front of children

How Kayla’s divorce experience was different

  • Alarm bells before wedding, didn’t trust gut
  • Career/family goals not aligned + infidelity

Why money is one of the top reasons for divorce

  • Finances as aspect of turmoil in relationship
  • Saver and spender can’t find middle ground

The societal pressure to get married

  • Shanah married because of pregnancy
  • Expectation in Kayla’s rural community

How to prepare emotionally and financially for straight or gay divorce

  • Seek outside help for support
  • Research available resources

The patterns and trends in the Cash Wise community

  • Seek info re: state law, division of assets
  • Support to know can survive without financial ruin

The financial difficulties Shana faced after divorce

  • $5K for lawyer despite low income
  • WIC and food stamps to feed family

How your expenses will shift after a divorce

  • Increase in living expenses
  • No longer share rent, utilities

Shanah’s insight around divorce and financial ruin

  • Amicable divorce makes things easier
  • Comes down to planning ahead

Kayla’s take on premarital and marital agreements

  • Beneficial for all, not just rich and famous
  • Smart to make decisions when both agreeable

How to make your divorce more amicable

  • Communication = key to everything
  • Soften by making clear they’re not at fault

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