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Why Gay Dating Is So Expensive

  March 17, 2016  |    #Eliminate Debt

Gay Dating

On this Queer Money™, we talked about the financial costs of the gay dating scene. Historically the queer community has waited longer than our straight peers to settle down. Now, GenXers and Millennials are delaying marriage. What are the financial repercussions of perpetual dating in general and never-ending gay dating specifically?

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Gay Dating Video

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Gay Dating Guests

  • Justin Simon is the Chief Social Strategist & Influencer Marketing at Evolve!, Inc. Justin specializes in social media and digital marketing executive with a strong background in sports, entertainment, lifestyle, finance and gaming.

Gay Dating Show Notes

  • As the world gets smaller with social media, the desire to fly to see someone becomes costly
  • Relationships that come out of dating apps are more stable and last longer than traditional relationships because the “screening process” is more rigorous
  • 60% of relationships today sprout from dating apps
  • Traditional rules still apply with straight dating in that the man pays for the first date, afterward the dynamic changes based on the circumstances; younger generations go Dutch
  • In gay relationships, it’s usually the person with the money who pays, typically uncovered prior to the first date
  • There are the “baby-steppers” who ease into relationships and the “converts” who go too far
  • Finances are only one aspect of relationships and often what someone brings is more than monetary
  • Technology has expanded the dating pool beyond arm’s reach
  • will soon offer free credit reports (check back for updates)

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Gay Dating Conclusion

  • Don’t make money a taboo subject, talk about money early
  • Do your homework to the extent that you can online
  • Address financial disparity concerns early
  • If someone is defensive about money, maybe there’s concern

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