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3 Reasons to Try the Front Investing App

  December 3, 2020  |    #Make Money

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The Front investing app makes investing for you, too

Finally! Investing’s no longer, pale, male and stale. The new Front investing app is bringing easier and smarter investing to you, me and our whole community. Start paying off credit card debt today with the free  7-Step Credit Card Debt Slasher here.

Investing can be fun (and profitable)

You’ve heard us say before that there’s no other part of the economy designed for success quite like the stock market. If the talk in the Queer Money Facebook group is any indication, those of us in the LGBTQ community who do invest, mostly invest in index funds.

This makes sense and it’s a good thing because most investments and investment advisors find it hard to beat the stock market. So, investing in large, medium, small cap index funds and international index funds helps us at least track the market.

But while index investing is a smart investing strategy, it’s kinda vanilla.

That’s why we have our “play account.” The bulk of our money is in various index mutual funds, Exchange Traded Funds and other investments. A small amount is in an account we invest for fun. It’s small enough to not stress over but aggressive enough to be exciting.

Despite the volatility of the stock market considering COVID-19, the election and everything else 2020 has thrown at us, our play account is up 60% year-over-year.

We know you want to invest in more than just index funds, and that’s great, but for many that means spending hours in online rabbit holes or code-switching to be “man enough” to talk (and learn) about investing.

Neither are good experiences, so the rest of us just don’t . . . don’t scroll, don’t switch, don’t learn, don’t invest and, thus, don’t reap the rewards of joining the investing class.

Why the Front investing app is for everyone

When was the last time you saw a person who looked like you or loved like you in an investment or retirement advertisement? If you’re like us, almost never.

Maybe that’s why Prudential found in its 2016 – 2017 LGBT Financial Experience Survey that most LGBTQ people don’t trust traditional financial services. We don’t see ourselves in financial services advertising, so we don’t do business with financial services even though we know we should, and we see them at Pride every year.

We assume the person behind the mahogany desk either doesn’t understand us or doesn’t want to do business with us, so we neglect our financial security indignantly. Because do we have another option?

Yes, now we do, with the Front investing app. With the exclusive invite code ‘DFG’ that we got just for you, click this link here and get the Front investing app for free.

The Front investing app just launched in November 2020. “Front believes everyone should have access to smart investing insights,” not just those who have always belonged in the boy’s investment club.


The best part is that because of Front, the best time to start investing is now. “Popular trading apps [think Fidelity, Acorns, Stash, Robinhood, etc.] have made it easier than ever for anyone to invest in the stock market, but most lose money because they don’t know how to invest,” said Bam Azizi, Front’s Founder & CEO.

“Front is here to change that,” continues Azizi. Front sits on top of your existing investment accounts and gives investment suggestions based on your existing portfolio and the industries and stocks you’re interested in.


If Front’s “investing for all of us” approach isn’t enough for you, here are three more reasons to sign up for the Front investment app here for FREE with our invite code, ‘DFG’.

1. Front’s personal and personalized

Unless you’ve worked with a financial advisor, which many of us can’t afford or aren’t comfortable doing, investing has meant tedious hours of research and analysis. Even then, a financial advisor can make you feel like you’re not smart enough to invest on your own.

With the Front investing app, it’s like you’re getting a personal investing coach whose sole mission is to make smart investing super simple. That means you get personalized recommendations based on the financial and performance data of a company, and the compatibility of that stock to your financial goals and existing portfolio.

This is how the big dogs invest, and now you can invest like that, too.


2. Front gives you the powerful tools the big guys use


Using some of today’s best technology, Front’s investing app gives you the tools the folks on Wall Street use without talking to the guys on Wall Street.

Investing insights

Financial advisors and professional stock traders use a bunch of tools to make their investing decisions. This is why investing is not like gambling.

These tools include financial reports from the previous three months to present that gauge the financial health of a company over time. It analyzes the recent news of a company and the news’ potential effects on its stock’s performance. Finally, it includes predictive models using Front’s exclusive algorithms to forecast where a company’s stock is headed based on all the above information.


Front then personalizes a company’s investing insight by assessing its compatibility with your financial goals and your existing portfolio.


If you think signing up for Front means you’ll be inundated with PDF pages of charts and graphs better used for falling asleep faster at night, think again.

3. Front’s easy to use and understand

Front knows that charts and graphs and pages of corporate-speak aren’t everyone’s cuppa Joe. It knew that if Front was making investing for the rest of us, it needed to speak the language of the rest of us.

Enter Front’s exclusive FISCO number.

FISCO number

Front’s FISCO number bumps all this analytical data up against its predictive models and generates an easy-to-understand number between 300 – 850 to determine if a stock is right for you. 300 is “very poor”. 850 is “exceptional”.


Front says “FISCO stock scoring technology analyzes company financials, stock performance, news and predictive models alongside investors’ personal investment portfolios to recommend personalized, data-driven investment strategies.” Think Ru Paul with scorecards rating your drag performance.

This is a game-changer. FISCO levels the playing field or, better yet, makes sure we’re all walking the same catwalk.

This, alone, is reason enough to sign up for Front’s investing app with our special ‘DFG’ invite code here.

Why sign up for the Front investing app

Aside from making investing simple, Front’s existing users have seen good results over the last six months with nice returns.

Between March and September of 2020, a random sampling of users saw average returns over 55%. That’s over 20% higher than the S&P 500, one of the indices many mutual fund and ETF index funds track, during that time.

Comparatively, another sampling of 42 users who used a different investing app during that same time barely returned 33%, which is over 2% lower than the S&P 500’s increase.

So, if the #1 reason to hire a financial advisor or sign up for an investing app is to improve your investment returns, Front’s got you covered.

But there’s more.

Front’s FREE and works with your existing investing account

You know how much we love to save money and work as little as possible, so we have more time to give back to the community. There’s really no reason to be geoliberated if we’re just going to sit at our laptops all day, right?

Well, Front’s got you covered on both those fronts.

The Front investing app is free, so all you have to do to start getting your investment suggestions is to sign up for Front with our unique invite code ‘DFG’ using this link here.

Finally, connect Front to your existing investment account. This is done in just a few steps in a few seconds.


Then, bam!, you’re ready to start investing in your existing investment accounts with custom investing suggestions like a Wall Street broker but with morals.

Look, many of us in the LGBTQ community have missed out on the financial security that comes with being a member of the investing class because the investing community hasn’t been too inviting of the LGBTQ community.

We don’t have to miss out any longer because it’s never been easier, freer or more inclusive. So, click here, download the app and use invite code DFG to get Front for free.

Click below for more help with investing, then return here to sign up for Front:

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