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Free Things to Do in Denver – 2017 Edition

  June 5, 2017  |    #Uncategorized

Free Things to Do in Denver

This list of over 1,500 cheap and free things to do in Denver will knock your socks, or sandals, off this summer!

When we focused on paying off our $51,000 in credit card debt, we realized most of our debt existed because we love to have fun. We didn’t want to stop having fun, but we also needed to pay off our debt. Our goal became finding ways to still have a good time while spending less money. Our focus became finding free things to do in Denver so that we had a full life and could direct all extra money to our credit cards.

How We Did It

Especially in the summer, we get the urge to go out, have fun and spend time with friends and family. This often means spending money and a lot of it. So we came up with a strategy to not spend so much. We grabbed our summer calendar and looked up as many cheap and free things to do in Denver and elsewhere that we could find to fill our summer dates.

We had a plan. With a plan, we’re less likely to spend more than we budget.

How You Can Do It, Too

You can now easily follow our example. Create and print off a summer calendar here. Then get each member of your “group,” whether family or friends, to add events or activities that are free or close to it, so each member gets their say. Plan a free activity for the kids. Plan one for just you and the hubby or wifey. Plan one with your gaggle of gays.

The Massive List of Free Things To Do In Denver

My colleague, Deahna, like us, is Money Conscious and likes to save money and have fun. Each year she compiles a massive list of free things to do in Denver and around the Denver Metro Area. Okay, maybe they aren’t all free but they’re close. Her exhaustive list will save our fellow Denverites hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, this summer.

If you live in Denver, please share other cheap, free and fun ideas in the comment section below.  Out-of-state fans, we’d love to hear about your super saving tips for frugal fun this summer. What cheap or free activities are going on in your area?

Lastly . . . thanks, Deahna!

FREE and Cheap Denver

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  1. Most local papers also have a great section of free events. Most local libraries have interesting things going on all the time. It’s pretty fantastic.

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