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Go from Flab to Fab at The Financial Gym and Drop the Weight of Debt

  March 29, 2017  |    #Eliminate Debt

Our good friend, Shannon, gave it to us good so we gave it right back to her. That’s a podcast interview, gurl with her mind in a gutter! Shannon McLay is the brainchild, owner, and master trainer at The Financial Gym. The Financial Gym is where you lose debt (weight) and gain financial independence (muscle).

Over some bottles glasses of wine, Shannon gives us all the ins, outs, tips, and tricks that make hers the gym of choice for anyone needing cushion in their back pocket. To join The Financial Gym and get your money in shape with one-on-one help, click here and get started today. Tell Shannon the Debt Free Guys™ sent you.


Glamor Pumping at The Financial Gym

Like us, Shannon started her money career at a Fortune 500 financial services firm. After a while, she struggled with the institutional inability to help those who need it most. After losing 50 pounds of post-baby weight from a rigorous diet and exercise regime, Shannon was amazed at the parallels between physical fitness and financial fitness.

Shannon then wrote Train Your Way to Financial Fitness, which you can and should order here if for no other reason than a hot guy with a book on the elliptical machine is hotter. I digress. This booked was the precursor and incubator for an idea planted in Shannon’s head during her money hungry days in full-service. She wanted to open a financial gym at a physical location. She envisioned a place where people could walk in off the street to do whatever financial exercises they needed to pay off debt, improve their credit score, save for retirement or whatever they needed most.

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Shannon’s dream is now her reality and her financial gym is helping others achieve their financial dreams. Shannon shares many inspiring stories on Queer Money™ of people she’s helped and is helping. To get her help, go here and tell her the Debt Free Guys™ sent you. Don’t worry if you’re not in New York City! Shannon plans to open gyms across the country and we know she will. In the meantime, The Financial Gym can and is helping many people virtually. In fact, Shannon has never physically met some of her most successful clients.

So, regardless of where you live, after you listen to this show, click here sign up for The Financial Gym to start getting your financial ass in shape today! No one likes a flat butt or a flat bank account.

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